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Chemistry News Archive 2011

Chemical research reports and press releases from 2011.


The news archive Chemistry for 2011 lists the published reports, articles and communications on chemistry, biochemistry, laboratory, research among Internetchemistry.

Archived were only posts that contain further information, usually references to original research articles or studies. Merchandise temporary content - events or temporary research projects - are not listed here.

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Direct observation of carbon monoxide binding

Scientists have deciphered the mechanism for binding of gas molecules to iron and cobalt porphyrins.

Self-Healing Materials

It heals and grows together: polymer with amazing self-healing properties.

Triblock Janus Spheres

Triblock spheres provide a simple path to complex structures.

Osmoreceptors Regulate Blood Pressure

MDC researchers and clinical partners identify mediator of blood pressure regulation in the liver.

Lomaiviticin Aglycon

Scientists synthesize long-sought-after anticancer agent.

Arctic Mercury Mystery

More mercury is deposited in the Arctic than anywhere else on the planet. Researchers think that one explanation for this may lie in the meteorological conditions in the Arctic spring and summer.

Electronic and Vibrational Signatures of a Gold Cluster Revealed

Nanometer-scale gold particles are currently intensively investigated for possible applications in catalysis, sensing, photonics, biolabeling, drug carriers and molecular electronics.

Heterotaxin - A Novel TGF-beta Signaling Inhibitor

Compound useful for studying birth defects may also have anti-tumor properties.

Theranostic Agents

Double strike to fight cancer - combined diagnosis and treatment of tumors: photothermically activated ultrasound contrast agent.

About a New Vanadium Redox Flow Battery

Upgrading the vanadium redox battery: New electrolyte mix increases energy storage by 70 percent.

Ceria as Oxygen Storage

2D beats 3D: Ceria in platelet form stores more oxygen than nanocrystalline form.

Strontium-90 Sequestration by Biomineralization

Addressing the nuclear waste issue: pond alga could help scientists design effective method for cleaning up nuclear waste.

Amphiphilic Dendronized Homopolymers

A novel class of amphiphilic dendronized homopolymers has been reported by The Department of Polymer Materials, Shanghai University.

New Database of Zeolite-like Materials

Exploring the possibilities for zeolites: Rice University team creates database of 2.6 million varieties of molecular sieves.

New Bilyaer Nanocatalyst System for Tandem Catalysis

Berkeley Lab researchers report tandem catalysis in nanocrystal interfaces:Could be a boon to green energy.

Antennal Transcriptome Characterized

Molecular messages from the antennae: Scientists assemble genes involved in regulating olfaction in the antennae of a moth.

A Remarkable Advance in NMR Spectroscopy

Nuclear magnetic resonance with no magnets.

A New Class of Superatoms

Researchers discover superatoms with magnetic shells.

Researchers Apply NMR to Microfluidic Chromatography

... by using organic polymer monoliths.

Trifluoromethylation of Heteroatomic Systems

Scientists find easier, cheaper way to make a sought-after chemical modification to drugs.

Soil Nitrite Cleans the Air

Nitrogen-containing soil is a source of hydroxyl radicals that remove pollutants from the atmosphere.

Nitrous Oxide Decomposition Mechanism

How the N2O greenhouse gas is decomposed.

Synthetic Inorganic Cells: iCHELLs

Synthetic cells: Ion exchange leads to complex cell systems with inorganic membranes.

Flerovium and Livermorium

Livermore and Russian scientists propose new names for elements 114 and 116.


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