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Chemistry News Archive 2007

Chemical research reports and press releases from 2007.


The news archive Chemistry for 2007 lists the published reports, articles and communications on chemistry, biochemistry, laboratory, research among Internetchemistry.

Archived were only posts that contain further information, usually references to original research articles or studies. Merchandise temporary content - events or temporary research projects - are not listed here.

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Joining forces: Ultrashort antibacterial lipopeptides

Weizmann Institute scientists use peptides and lipopeptides to fight bacteria.

New Borane-analog Aluminum Compounds

The new class of aluminum compounds may have applications in solid rocket fuel and the hydrogen economy.

Natural antibiotics yield secrets to atom-level imaging technique

Frog skin and human lungs hold secrets to developing new antibiotics ...

Soil Color Measurement

Scientists report in the Soil Science Society of America Journal that soil color can be as accurate as the lab for carbon content.

How much nitrogen is too much for corn?

Don't apply too much nitrogen to your corn crop.

PFOA and PFOS detected in newborns

An analysis of nearly 300 umbilical cord blood samples shows that newborn babies are exposed to perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) while in the womb.

NMR advance relies on microscopic detector

Technology could vastly improve diagnostics.

Super-heavy Aluminum Isotopes

New super-heavy aluminum isotopes may exist.

Thiocoraline A Binds the DNA of Tumor Cells

Scientists from the Universidad de Alcala (UAH) explain the molecular bases of DNA sequence identification by the marine antitumoral antibiotic thiocoraline A.


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