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Chemistry News Archive 2013

Chemical research reports and press releases from 2013.


The news archive Chemistry for 2013 lists the published reports, articles and communications on chemistry, biochemistry, laboratory, research among Internetchemistry.

Archived were only posts that contain further information, usually references to original research articles or studies. Merchandise temporary content - events or temporary research projects - are not listed here.

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Mysterious Catalyst Explained

How tiny gold particles aid the production of plastic components.

Sulfate aerosols cool climate less than assumed

Life span of cloud-forming sulfate particles in the air is shorter than assumed due to a sulfur dioxide oxidation pathway which has been neglected in climate models so far.

First Ionization Potential of Astatine

Scientists uncover the fundamental property of astatine, the rarest atom on Earth.

Beautiful Nano-Flowers

Elaborate nanostructures blossom from a chemical reaction perfected at Harvard.

Nano-forest for Solar Water-splitting

Berkeley Lab researchers report first fully integrated artificial photosynthesis nanosystem.

Add Boron for Better Batteries

Rice University theorists say graphene-boron mix shows promise for lithium-ion batteries.

Direct Imaging of Covalent Bond Structure

Atom by atom, bond by bond, a chemical reaction caught in the act - Berkeley Lab scientists make the first-ever high-resolution images of a molecule as it breaks and reforms chemical bonds.

A Tandem for Biomass

Catalytic tandem reaction for the conversion of lignin and bio-oil by hydroxylation of phenols to form arenes.

Carbon's New Champion

Rice University theorists calculate atom-thick carbyne chains may be strongest material ever.


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