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Chemistry News Archive 2015

Chemical research reports and press releases from 2015.


The news archive Chemistry for 2015 lists the published reports, articles and communications on chemistry, biochemistry, laboratory, research among Internetchemistry.

Archived were only posts that contain further information, usually references to original research articles or studies. Merchandise temporary content - events or temporary research projects - are not listed here.

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A Model System for so-called Soft Colloids

A New Study shows Correlation between Microscopic Structures and Macroscopic Properties - and offers a Recipe Book for Colloids.

Boroles get a stability boost

Boroles could be a highly interesting class of materials for practical use in photovoltaic or LED applications - if it weren't for the molecules' extreme instability. Chemists from Wuerzburg have now discovered a powerful stabiliser.

Arylboronates Made Easy

Abandoning expensive and toxic materials in chemical synthesis: This is the goal pursued by scientists at the University of Wurzburg. In the magazine Angewandte Chemie, they describe a new way to achieve this goal, a surprise included.


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