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Chemistry News Archive 2016

Chemical research reports and press releases from 2016.


The news archive Chemistry for 2016 lists the published reports, articles and communications on chemistry, biochemistry, laboratory, research among Internetchemistry.

Archived were only posts that contain further information, usually references to original research articles or studies. Merchandise temporary content - events or temporary research projects - are not listed here.

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Ultracold Formaldehyde by Sisyphus Cooling

Scientists at MPQ produce an extremely cold gas of organic polar molecules.

First direct observation of a quantum leap in a molecule

A deep look into a single molecule: The quantum state of a magnesium molecular ion has been measured live and in a non-destructive fashion for the first time.

Magnetic Handshake between Iron Atoms

A research team was able to switch the magnetic handedness of an iron pair between left- and right-handed.

No Radioactive Caesium in Truffles

Screening truffles for radioactivity 30 years from Chernobyl.

Footballs With No Resistance

Indications of light-induced lossless electricity transmission in fullerenes contribute to the search for superconducting materials for practical applications.

Nonexpanding Metals

Caltech scientists use high-pressure 'alchemy' to create nonexpanding metals.

Rivers of Electrons

Usually, the movement of electrons in a real material is rather different from the flow of water in a river.

About the Formation of Protein Aggregates in Cells

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry report on the decryption of a cellular mechanism that explains the formation of protein aggregates.

Mechanism for Radiation Damage Identified

Heidelberg scientists examine electronic decay processes with the aid of quantum chemistry.


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