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A polymerization is the linking of monomers (= small molecules) to produce larger molecules.

Online available information resources about polymersization reactions and mechanisms.

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Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Addition Polymerization
Lecture notes

Anionic Polymerization
Notes: introduction to polymer chemistry

Chain Polymerization
Lecture notes

Olefin Metathesis Polymerization
Lecture notes

Polymer Science I
Polymer Chemistry

Polymer Synthesis

Introduction to polymer chemistry

Lecture notes: Makin' Polymers

Introduction to polymer chemistry

Lecture notes

Synthesis of Polymers
Lecture notes. MIT Open CourseWare


Special Information

Metallocene polymerization
Metallocene Catalysis Polymerization


Companies and Products

Polymer Science
Sigma Aldrich offers a comprehensive range of polymer science products, including monomers, polymers, polymer additives, and polymerization initiators

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Polymerization, reactions, mechanisms
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Paul C. Hiemenz, Timothy P. Lodge

Polymer Chemistry

Written by well-established professors in the field, Polymer Chemistry, Second Edition provides a well-rounded and articulate examination of polymer properties at the molecular level. It focuses on fundamental principles based on underlying chemical structures, polymer synthesis, characterization, and properties.

Consistent with the previous edition, the authors emphasize the logical progression of concepts, rather than presenting just a catalog of facts. The book covers topics that appear prominently in current polymer science journals. It also provides mathematical tools as needed, and fully derived problems for advanced calculations. This new edition integrates new theories and experiments made possible by advances in instrumentation. It adds new chapters on controlled polymerization and chain conformations while expanding and updating material on topics such as catalysis and synthesis, viscoelasticity, rubber elasticity, glass transition, crystallization, solution properties, thermodynamics, and light scattering.

Polymer Chemistry offers a logical presentation of topics that can be scaled to meet the needs of introductory as well as more advanced courses in chemistry, materials science, and chemical engineering.

CRC; 2007

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