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Chemical Reactions - General Information

Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions are all substantial conversions caused by interactions between atom and/or molecules. Fundamentally a chemical reactions encompasses changes that strictly involve the motion of electrons.

Online available information resources about the chemical reactions.

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Current Stories and Reports

Chemists Modify Polanyi Rules for Reaction Rates
Theoretical chemists at Emory University have solved an important mystery about the rates of chemical reactions and the so-called Polanyi rules

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General Information

Chemical Reactions
Basic concepts

Chemical Reactions
An Introduction

Chemical Reactions
Slide show - Chemical Reactions: An Introduction

Why Chemical Reactions Occur
Or, What's In It for the Atoms?

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Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Chemical Reactions
An Introduction to Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions
An overview

Chemical Reactions
Ions in Aqueous Solution; Types of Chemical Reactions; Working with Solutions; Quantitative Analysis - Format: PDF

Chemical Reactivity
... and Classifying Organic Chemical Reactions. Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry

Energy Changes
... in Chemical Reactions

Reaction Variables
The Variables of Organic Reactions. Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry

... of chemical reactions

Writing Chemical Reactions

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Didactics and teaching material

Classification of Chemical Reactions
Stages of Expertise. Scientific article, 2007. Wiley InterScience

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Special Information

Modeling and Simulating Chemical Reactions
Research article, 2007

Stochastic simulation
... of chemical reactions with spatial resolution and single molecule detail

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Data and Databases

Chemical Thesaurus
Reaction chemistry database

Structure and reaction database. InfoChem

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Chemical Reactions - General Information
Chemical, reactions, concepts, basics, types, mechanisms
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Ralph H. Petrucci, William S Harwood, Geoff E Herring, Jeffry Madura

General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications

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