Complex Chemistry

The chemistry of coordination complexes.

In general the term coordination chemistry describes the chemistry of metals and metal ions in their interaction with other molecules or ions.

Online available information on coordination chemistry and coordination complexes.


Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Complex Ions and amphoterism - Format: PDF

Coordination Chemistry

Coordination Chemistry
of transition metals - Format: PDF

Coordination Chemistry
An overview - Format: PDF

Coordination Chemistry
Lecture notes: introduction to transition metal ions and coordination chemistry

Coordination Complexes
d-block metal chemistry - Format: PDF

Coordination Compounds
Notes: What Is A Coordination Compound. Purdue University

Isomerism in complexes - Format: PDF

... of coordination compounds

Transition Metal/Coordination Chemistry
Lecture Presentation. Southeast Missouri State University - Format: PDF


Coordination Chemistry Reviews
... offers rapid publication of review articles on topics of current interest and importance in coordination chemistry. Elsevier

Journal of Coordination Chemistry
... publishes the results of original investigations involving the physical and chemical properties, syntheses and structures of coordination compounds. Taylor and Francis

Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry
... presents reviews, original papers, and communications on all aspects of theoretical and experimental coordination chemistry. Springer

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Book recommendation

Joan Ribas Gispert

Coordination Chemistry

Suitable for graduate students, master courses and postdocs, this is the first textbook to discuss the whole range of contemporary coordination chemistry. It has been thoroughly reviewed by leading textbook authors, and the concept already proven by the successful Spanish edition. After an introduction, the book covers in a clearly ordered manner structure and bonding, supramolecular coordination chemistry, electronic properties and electron transfer. This title is set to become the standard for years to come.

Wiley-VCH; 2008

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