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Spectroscopic Methods in Chemistry - Fundamentals, Theory, Applications.

Spectroscopy - or: spectrometry - is the study of the interaction between matter and radiation.

In physics and chemistry spectroscopy is an often used anlytical technique to identify chemical compounds through the spectrum emitted from or absorbed by them.

In chemistry, spectroscopic techniques are associated with the area of physical chemistry. Spectroscopic methods are, however, be used in all areas of chemistry.

Main fields of application are the structure elucidation and identification of chemical substances. A spectroscopic measurement is carried out with a spectrometer, of which there are many different devices for different applications available on the market.

In the following list you will find access to the various spectroscopic techniques and online available information resources on spectroscopy and special spectroscopic methods.

Content, Topics

Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Software and Programs

Spectroscopic Methods and Special Topics

In the following categories more resources to the individual spectroscopic methods and other relevant information are listed (spectra: data, simulations, software):

IR and FTIR Spectroscopy
Laser Spectroscopy
Mass Spectrometry
Microwave Spectroscopy
Mössbauer Spectroscopy
NMR Spectroscopy
Raman Spectroscopy
Spectral Databases
Terahertz Spectroscopy
UV VIS Spectroscopy
X-Ray Spectroscopy

Individual spectrometer types, their manufacturers, and products can be found in the following sections. Further information as well as consumables and chemicals for spectroscopy keep the laboratory trade and the chemical trade ready:

Atomic Absorption Spectrometers
ICP Spectrometers
Infrared Spectrometers
Mass Spectrometers
NIR Spectrometers
NMR Spectrometers
Raman Spectrometers
Spektrometers and Accessories for Spectroscopy
Terahertz Spectrometers
UV/VIS Spectrometers
X-Ray Spectrometers
XRF Spectrometers

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Atomic Spectroscopy
A compendium of basic ideas, notation, data, and formulas. NIST, USA

Basic Concepts
... of spectroscopy - Format: PDF

Molecular Spectroscopy
Theoretical basics - Format: PDF

Molecular Spectroscopy
Lecture notes

Optical Spectroscopy
Theoretical basics - Format: PDF

Principles of Spectroscopy
Interaction of radiation and matter - Format: PDF

Spectroscopic Methods
eBook: Analytical Chemistry - Format: PDF

Spectroscopic Techniques
An introduction to spectroscopy

An introduction to spectroscopy - Format: PDF

Overview of Spectroscopy

Lecture notes. MIT, USA


Foundations of Spectroscopy - Format: PDF


Software and Programs

GRAMS/AI Spectroscopy Software
... provides a set of complementary, fully integrated applications that increase productivity across all areas of spectroscopic analysis. Thermo

PiSystems XTE
The fastest, most reliable and at the same time most user-friendly quantum-chemical program for the calculation of electronic spectra and colours of organic molecules as well as for the support in synthetic science

Spectroscopic Tools
Online calculations

Viewing optical spectra (UV/VIS, IR, Raman, fluorescence) from different sources; Supported data formats include: ASCII | JCAMP-DX | Galactic GRAMS SPC | Avantes AvaSoft | Perkin Elmer | Varian Cary 50 | Agilent/HP 8453 | Milton Roy Spectronic 3000 | Princeton Instruments WinSpec/WinView


Applied Spectroscopy
Journal of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy

Applied Spectroscopy Reviews
An International Journal of Principles, Methods, and Applications. Taylor and Francis, UK

... has been conceived as a resource for the growing number of molecular spectroscopists interested in biological applications and researchers in biological areas interested in keeping current on the use of molecular spectroscopy for life-sciences problems. Wiley

Journal of Applied Spectroscopy
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy reports on key applications of spectroscopy in, physics, chemistry , material science, medicine, biology, ecology and spectral instrument-industry. Springer

Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy
... presents experimental and theoretical articles on all subjects relevant to molecular spectroscopy and its modern applications. Elsevier

Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer
Theoretical and experimental aspects of the spectra of atoms, molecules, ions, and plasmas; Spectral lineshape studies including models and computational algorithms etc.. Elsevier

Journal of Raman Spectroscopy
An International Journal for Original Work in all Aspects of Raman Spectroscopy, including Higher Order Processes, and also Brillouin and Rayleigh Scattering. Wiley

Spectrochimica Acta
Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy. Elsevier

The Online Source for Materials Analysis and Modern Spectroscopic Techniques

Spectroscopy Europe
A wealth of information on spectroscopy

Spectroscopy Letters
... provides vital coverage of fundamental developments, new or improved instrumentation, spectroscopic diagnostics, and applications of spectroscopy across all disciplines. Taylor and Francis, UK

Surface Science Spectra
An International Journal Devoted to Archiving Surface Science Spectra of Technological and Scientific Interest

Vibrational Spectroscopy
... provides a vehicle for the publication of original research in vibrational spectroscopy. It covers infrared, near-infrared and Raman spectroscopies and publishes papers dealing with developments in applications, theory, techniques and instrumentation. Elsevier


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