IR Spectrometers

Infrared spectrometer and IR spectroscopy accessories.

IR spectroscopy is aspectroscopic technique to identify chemical compunds and to investigate sample composition.

Main applications of infrared spectrometers is the quanitative determination of materials and structural elucidation.

The following list indicates the manufacturer and supplier of IR spectrometers and accessories as well as services in the field of infrared spectroscopy. A source of spectrometers is also the laboratory trade.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA

International manufacturer and supplier

Laboratory and Process FTIR and FTNIR Spectrometers

Agilent Technologies
FTIR-Spektrometer: Geräte und Zubehör für die Infrarot-Spektroskopie

Bruker Optics
... offers a wide variety of laboratory FT-IR spectrometers, from the world's smallest to the highest resolution for all your Routine, Research and Life Science applications

Infrared (IR) Spectrophotometers and other Spectroscopy products

International Crystal Laboratories
Optics & Spectroscopy Supplies & Accessories

Shop for biotechnology, imaging, materials analysis, nanotechnology and spectroscopy instrumentation

As an innovative leader in infrared spectroscopy, Perkin Elmer have brought FTIR and FTNIR solutions and services to tens of thousands of laboratories world-wide

Specac Ltd. manufactures an extensive range of FTIR Spectrometer Accessories and Laboratory Hydraulic Press

Thermo Scientific
Research FT-IR Spectrometer


Büchi Labortechnik GmbH
FT-NIR spectrometer

Gekühltes NIR-Spektrometer mit 128 Pixel Detektor für den Bereich von 900 - 1700nm, exelllent für Anwendungen, die längere Integrationszeiten benötigen

... offer the most complete selection of FT-IR capability from education and routine analysis to high performance research sysytems plus specially optimized dedicated systems for advanced technology applications such as measuring film thickness and CVD in-situ monitoring for semiconductor research

Msscientific Chromatographie-Handel GmbH
Evakuierbares Presswerkzeug für die IR-Spektroskopie und Röntgenspektroskopie

Resultec analytic equipment
Meßzusätze für die FT-IR Spektroskopie

United States of America, USA

Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc.
... designs, manufactures, and sells Near-Infrared (NIR) instruments and applications expertise for use in materials measurement and research, and has grown organically into one of the premier NIR instrumentation companies in the world

Control Development, Inc.
... is a manufacturer of small, miniature, high performance spectrographs and spectroscopy systems

Craic Technologies: UV-visible-NIR Microscopes, Microspectrometers & Raman Microspectrometers
... is a leading developer of instruments for UV-visible-NIR microanalysis

D&P Instruments
... is dedicated to producing compact, portable and high speed interferometer based FT-IR spectrometers for use in remote sensing, industrial, military and homeland defense applications

Harrick Scientific
... is a leading manufacturer of optics and accessories for IR-UV-VIS spectroscopy

McPherson, Inc.
... manufactures Instruments and Systems for Spectroscopy through the optical electromagnetic spectrum

... manufactures rugged and reliable FTIR spectrometer systems for laboratory, plant, on-line, and field use

Pike Technologies
Making FTIR and Spectroscopy Sampling easier with ATR Accessories, Specular Reflectance, Diffuse Reflectance, Integrating Spheres, FT-IR Microscope, Transmission Accessories and Supplies and FTIR Automation Products

Wilks Enterprise Inc.
... is specialized in the development and manufacture of infrared (IR) analytical instrumentation for application specific qualitative and quantitative measurements. Now: Spectro Scientific


i-RED Infrarot Systeme GmbH
... ist Ihr Ansprechpartner für maßgeschneiderte Infrarot Spektroskopische Prozessüberwachungssysteme (NIR -, FTNIR -, MIR -, FTIR - Spektroskopie).


ARCoptix S.A
... has developed two revolutionary miniature Fourier Transform Spectrometers (FTS): The Arcspectro-HT for low light applications in the VIS and the Arcspectro-NIR for application using the NIR spectral range


Sciencetech Inc.
... manufactures a variety of optical spectroscopy components such as monochromaters, spectrographs, light sources, detector systems, and accessories to produce a wide variety of systems


Avantes China
... is a leading company in the field of low cost spectroscopy and fiber optic applications

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Book recommendation

Dudley Williams, Ian Fleming

Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry

This book concentrates on the practical aspects of using spectroscopic techniques to solve structural problems. It is written at a level for an advanced undergraduate or graduate course in applied spectroscopy. It describes the uses of the four spectroscopic methods: UV, IR, NMR and Mass Spectra in organic chemistry.

McGraw Hill Higher Education; 2011

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