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Chemistry of waters and chemical hydrology.

The water chemistry or hydrochemistry is the branch of hydrology which deals with the chemical substances occurring in natural water, and their interactions.

Main areas of work are the chemical characterization of the water (which is highly dependent on the regional and geochemical event units), the determination of water-chemical parameters and the assessment of anthropogenic and other influences on the water quality.

The water chemistry is closely linked with other disciplines, such as geochemistry, soil chemistry, environmental chemistry - but also atmospheric chemistry and others. The determination of water parameters is based on the methods of analytical chemistry.

Below you will find online available information on the chemistry of the water. Commercial suppliers of water treatment are listed under water treatment and wastewater treatment.

Content, Topics

Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Partial Information
Data and Databases
Research facilities and departments
Information Centres

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Chemical Hydrology
Lecture notes, theory

Groundwater Chemistry
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Hydrochemical Studies
Hydrochemical catchment studies as investigationsfocusing on the chemical composition of the runoff and the processes in the terrestrial and aquatic environments - Format: PDF

Lecture notes; fundamentals of aquatic chemistry - Format: PDF

Chemical processes in the water cycle. Unesco

Partial Information

Chemical hazards in drinking-water
The WHO Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality include facts sheets and comprehensive review documents for many individual chemicals. WHO

Chemical safety of drinking-water
Assessing priorities for risk management. WHO

Drinking Water Quality
Guideline and information resources on drinking water quality. WHO

Ground Water and Drinking Water
Information resources on drinking water and ground water quality. EPA

Data and Databases

... STOrage and RETrieval is a repository for water quality, biological, and physical data and is used by state environmental agencies, EPA and other federal agencies, universities, private citizens, and many others. EPA


Near-surface hydrology and hydrochemistry
... under contrasting land-cover. Dissertation, 2008. University of Potsdam

Research facilities and departments

Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, ICBM
The scientific concept of the ICBM is based on the realization, that research of the seas, being one of the most manifold global systems, can only be successful using interdisciplinary methods. University of Oldenburg

Munich, Germany
Institute of Hydrochemistry. Technical University of Munich

Information Centres

... is a web portal offering information and services on topics related to soil and water


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