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Atmospheric Chemistry

The chemistry of the atmosphere.


The atmospheric chemistry examines the composition changes and chemical reactions that generally occur in the air and in the atmosphere.

The air surrounding the Earth is located at the borders of the hydrosphere, geosphere, the biosphere and space; the fluid boundaries lead to a mass transfer of these fields. In addition, it is exposed to the man-made substance discharges (emissions). The Atmospären chemistry studies the chemical processes of the materials contained in the air (gases and aerosols), the biogeochemical cycles and the chemical reactions with one another or under the influence of radiation. For the purposes of environmental chemistry it is concerned with the effects of air pollution - for example, the chemical aspects of greenhouse gases and global warming.

Below you will find information resources, lecture notes, journals and institutions in the field of atmospheric chemistry.

Content, Topics

Current Articles

Sulfate aerosols cool climate less than assumed
Life span of cloud-forming sulfate particles in the air is shorter than assumed due to a sulfur dioxide oxidation pathway which has been neglected in climate models so far.

General Information

Atmospheric Chemistry Glossary
The definitions in this glossary were initially generated by the students in a senior level class studying air quality and atmospheric chemistry at Sam Houston State University

Chemical Kinetics and Photochemical Data for Use in Atmospheric Studies
JPL Publication - Format: PDF

Ozone Hole
The Ozone Hole Tour. Centre for Atmospheric Science, Cambridge University, UK

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Atmospheric Chemistry
Lecture notes

Atmospheric Chemistry
Lecture notes

Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Atmospheric Chemistry and Greenhouse Gases
Lecture notes. GRIDA, Norway - Format: PDF

Carbon Cycle
... and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide. GRIDA, Norway - Format: PDF

Chemical Principles and Stratospheric Ozone Chemistry
Lecture "Atmospheric Chemistry" - Format: PDF

Chemistry of Atmospheric Pollutants
Lecture notes

Climate System
The Climate System: an Overview - Format: PDF

Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry
Lecture notes, eBook

Observed Climate Variability and Change
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Physical Climate Processes
... and Feedbacks. eBook. GRIDA, Norway - Format: PDF

Radiative Forcing
... of Climate Change. eBook. GRIDA, Norway - Format: PDF

Tropospheric Chemistry and Aerosols
Lecture "Atmospheric Chemistry" - Format: PDF

Special Information

Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment, ACE
Analytical chemistry from orbit. Scientific articles and more. University of Waterloo

Data and Databases

Global Surface Seawater Dimethylsulfide (DMS) Database
This database represents an attempt to put most of the global set of seawater DMS measurements on one server, where data can be selected from geographical regions and/or specific time periods

PMEL Atmospheric Chemistry Data Server
This data server allows access to view and download data from field projects conducted by the PMEL Atmospheric chemistry group

Software and Tools

Standard Atmosphere Calculator
... computes atmospheric properties like density, temperature, pressure and speed of sound up to 86 kilometers altitude


Aerosol and Air Quality Research
AAQR covers all aspects of aerosol science and technology, atmospheric science and air quality related issues. It encompasses a multi-disciplinary field

Aerosol Science & Technology
The official journal of the American Association for Aerosol Research. Taylor & Francis, UK

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
ACP, an international scientific journal dedicated to the publication and public discussion of high quality studies investigating the Earth's atmosphere and the underlying chemical and physical processes

Atmospheric Environment
.. covers all aspects of the interaction of people and ecosystems with their atmospheric environment. Elsevier

Diesel Emissions Online
Online information service on clean diesel engines and diesel emissions

Journal of Aerosol Science
... is a long-established international publication which sets out to encourage and foster all aspects of basic and applied aerosol research by publishing high-quality scientific papers in that very multidisciplinary field. Elsevier

Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry
... is devoted to the study of the chemistry of the Earth's atmosphere, the emphasis being laid on the region below about 100 km. Springer

Particle & Particle Systems Characterization
PPSC has become the leading journal of its kind and the showcase for the cutting edge of theory and research. Wiley

Articles and Reports

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage
Scientific report. IPCC - Format: PDF

Climate Change 2001
IPCC Third Assessment Report. IPCC

Global Atmospheric Chemistry
IGACO Report of the Integrated Global Atmospheric Chemistry - Format: PDF

Good Practice Guidance and Uncertainty Management in National Greenhouse Gas Inventories
Scientific report. IPCC

Safeguarding the Ozone Layer and the Global Climate System
Scientific report. IPCC

News Archive

Clouds: Lighter than air but laden with lead
Atmospheric lead causes clouds to form more easily, could change pattern of rain and snow.

Epoxides in Atmospheric Chemistry
Caltech researchers show how organic carbon compounds emitted by trees affect air quality. The research provides first-ever glimpse of role of epoxides in atmospheric chemistry.

Honing in on Nitric Acid
Caltech/JPL experiments improve accuracy of ozone predictions in air-quality models. Team says current models may underestimate ozone levels; findings made by characterizing rates of key chemical reactions

Strange molecule in the sky cleans acid rain, scientists discover
Researchers have discovered an unusual molecule that is essential to the atmosphere's ability to break down pollutants, especially the compounds that cause acid rain. Scientific article, Aug 2008


Aerosol Society
... exists to promote research in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland in the area of aerosol science: the study of particles suspended in a gas

American Association for Aerosol Research

Atmospheric Chemistry Department
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Germany

European Association for the Science of Air Pollution

Harvard University Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group
Goal: to understand the chemical composition of the atmosphere, its perturbation by human activity, and the implications for climate change and life on Earth

IGAC Project
International Global Atmospheric Chemistry

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPCC has been established by WMO and UNEP to assess scientific, technical and socio- economic information relevant for the understanding of climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation

Related Books and Scientific Literature: Atmospheric Chemistry

Book recommendation

John H. Seinfeld, Spyros N. Pandis

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics: From Air Pollution to Climate Change

The Second Edition of this internationally acclaimed text presents the latest developments in atmospheric science. It continues to be the premier text for both a rigorous and a complete treatment of the chemistry of the atmosphere.

All chapters develop results based on fundamental principles, enabling the reader to build a solid understanding of the science underlying atmospheric processes. Among the new material are three new chapters: Atmospheric Radiation and Photochemistry, General Circulation of the Atmosphere, and Global Cycles. In addition, the chapters Stratospheric Chemistry, Tropospheric Chemistry, and Organic Atmospheric Aerosols have been rewritten to reflect the latest findings.

Readers familiar with the First Edition will discover a text with new structures and new features that greatly aid learning. Many examples are set off in the text to help readers work through the application of concepts. Advanced material has been moved to appendices. Finally, many new problems, coded by degree of difficulty, have been added. A solutions manual is available.

Thoroughly updated and restructured, the Second Edition of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics is an ideal textbook for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, as well as a reference for researchers in environmental engineering, meteorology, chemistry, and the atmospheric sciences.

Wiley-Interscience; 2006


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