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Wastewater treatment

Suppliers of chemicals, services and systems for waste water treatment.


Waste water treatment is a process removing contaminants from wastewater.

Basically, the supply of citizens with drinking water and wastewater treatment object of the respective municipality. However, the municipalities may outsource this area to external service providers, which is done increasingly. This is especially useful if the service provider located more know-how and the cost-benefit ratio is better. Outsourcing of municipal sewage treatment is carried out according to established guidelines.

List of companies offering systems and services for water treatment. Focus: engineering services and industrial water processing.

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International Manufacturers and Suppliers

GE Water & Process Technologies
From feedwater and fuel to wastewater reuse and disposal, GE Water and Process Technologies has the expertise to help you reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and protect your valuable equipment. Now: Suez - [e]

Equipment, systems and components for waster water treatment - [d, e, ...]


Abwassertechnik König
... offers the necessary independent engineering services - [d, e]

Bacteria for soil and wastewater treatment and for special applications, eg. B. in the household. Contract filling z. B. of chemicals and biological products - [d]

Evoqua Water Technologies
... is one of the world's leading suppliers of water purification products and services to both industrial customers and the public sector - [d, e]

nova Umwelttechnik GmbH
Products and services for wastewater treatment - [d]

Prominent Gruppe
Systems and components for wastewater treatment - [d, e]

prosys° GmbH
Wastewater, energy, plant construction, project management and analytical instruments - [d]

SAB Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH
Integrated wastewater treatment by SAB-Chemie can be used for every industry - [d]

Separ Chemie
Effective chemicals for complex wastewater treatment - [d, e]

Triton Water AG
Process water treatment, process water recycling, wastewater treatment, wastewater neutralization - [d]

United States of America, USA

Aquapoint designs decentralized wastewater treatment systems to meet the discharge standards required by commercial, residential and industrial customers - [e]

Aries Chemical, Inc.
Aries specializes in chemicals, equipment and expert service for industries, institutions and municipalities - [e]

Cannon Water Technology Inc.
... is your first stop for industrial and processed water treatment equipment, services, chemicals and training - [e]

CETCO Oilfield Services Company
... offers a full line of service packages for Water Treatment Filtration, Pipeline Separation and Well Testing Data Service applications with the required engineering and monitoring tools to make these services state of the art - [e]

... manufactures a wide variety of specialty chemicals to serve the needs of mining, industrial and commercial customers - [e]

... is a leading producer of environmentally friendly natural and organic products and solutions for use in environmental cleanup, waste management, oil spill cleanup, soil reclamation, waste water treatment, algae control, manure management, composting, lawn care and other life science sectors - [e]

JNB Laboratories
... provides industrial water treatment, fugitive dust control, legionella testing & hydrogen peroxide cooling water treatment in New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), New York (NY), Delaware (DE), Connecticut (CT) & Maryland (MD) - [e]

Mid South Chemical
... is a leading manufacturer of water treatment chemicals - [e]

Nalco Company
... is the world’s leading water treatment and process improvement company, delivering significant environmental, social and economic performance benefits to a variety of industrial and institutional customers - [e]

QualiChem, Inc.
... is a formulating manufacturer of water treatment, metalworking, and additional specialty chemicals - [e]

Roebic Technology Inc.
Manufacturers of proprietary bacterial products for wastewater treatment - [e]

Soft Water Filtration
... provides proprietary water treatment programs for municipal, industrial and commercial water systems - [e]

Sper Chemical Corporation
Manufacturer of High Quality Water Treatment Formulations for Municipal Drinking Water, Agricultural Irrigation and the Industrial Markets - [e]

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated
... is a leading manufacturer of Ozone (O3) monitoring and control instrumentation for a wide range of applications and markets - [e]

U.S. Water Services
... is the largest independently owned water treatment/service company in Minnesota, and the fastest growing water treatment company in the country - [e]

Zentox Corporation
... provides advanced water and air purification solutions to its customers in industrial and commercial markets - [e]

United Kingdom

... is a leading supplier of high performance industrial and process water and waste water treatment chemicals; speciality chemicals, water testing kits and water quality analysis equipment; reagents, dosing pumps, meters and control equipment - [e]

FeedWater - The Water Treatment Specialists
Feedwater is one of the UKs largest water treatment companies and the only UKAS accredited with it\'s own in-house Laboratory for Legionella Testing - [e]

Fluid Dynamics
... is one of the UK and Ireland's most experienced water treatment product companies - [e]

European Union

... will be a focused company, the best in water and fiber management chemistry - [e, ...]


... is your water treatment partner, providing expert Boiler, Cooling and Wastewater Solutions - [e, f]

Quatic Industries Inc.
Quatic Chemicals - water treatment and equipment for heating and air conditioning systems, process heating and cooling, and waste water applications - [e]

Trojan Technologies Inc.
Water and wastewater disinfection, UV disinfection systems - [e]


Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co., Ltd.
... is one of the largest and professional water treatment chemicals factory in China, and can manufacture all kinds of water treatment chemicals - [e, cn]


Albatross Fine Chem Limited
... is a professionally managed Public Limited Company engaged in the manufacturing of specialty Chemicals for the variety of industries - [e]

Water Treatment Chemicals - [e]

... manufacture ring comprises of pre-treatment, water treatment chemicals, Heat treatment Salts and Marine Maintenance Chemicals in core competence of the company with strong emphasis on R&D and total quality management - [e]


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