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Chemistry and Physics of Water

Water (Hydrogenoxide) is a chemical compound with two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen in a molecule (H2O). Purest water is a tasteless, colorless and odorless liquid.

Online available information resources on the chemistry and the physics of water.

Content, Topics

Current Articles
Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Special Information
Tools for the practical work in labs; application notes
Analysis and Determination
Data and Databases
Software and Programs

Current Articles

Chemical Properties of Water - Part 1
Labeled diagrams with explanations - Format: PDF

Chemical Properties of Water - Part 2
Labeled diagrams with explanations - Format: PDF

Mystery, art and science of Water
A multi-disciplinary examination of the nature, properties, place, significance, importance, and role of water in the life and culture of this planet

Now That's Cool
Clark School Engineers Out to Thaw the Mysteries of Ice. Article, August 2008

pH, GH and KH
What are they all?

Physical Properties of Ice
Crystalline Structure of Ice; Phase Diagram of Water and Ice; Equilibrium Vapor Pressure of Ice and Water; Various constants related to Ice and the Formation of Snow Crystals. Caltech, USA

Purer water made possible by Sandia advance
A single atom makes a big difference.

Scientists develop a unique approach for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen
Discovery of an efficient artificial catalyst for the sunlight-driven splitting of water into oxygen and hydrogen is a major goal of renewable clean energy research.

Water and its structure
A gentle intoduction to the structure of water. Simon Fraser University, USA

Water Glossary
An explanation of terminology concerning water related issues

Water refineries?
New method extracts oxygen from water with minimal energy, potentially boosting efforts to develop solar as a 24-hour energy source. Article, August 2008

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Lecture notes, Enthalpy of Hydration etc.

Molecular Orbitals for Water
Notes: Water Structure and Science

Polarity of water
Chemistry tutorial

Water Chemistry
Lecture notes: fundamental chemical properties and information about water

Water Chemistry
Lecture notes: all about water

Special Information

Pool Water
Water chemistry for swimming pools

Structure and Stability of Water Clusters
(H2O)n, n= 8-20: An Ab Initio Investigation. Article, 2001

Tools for the practical work in labs; application notes

Analysis and Determination

Water Chemistry
Laboratory manual, wadeable streams assessment. EPA - Format: PDF

Data and Databases

Water Density Table
Data chart with the density of water at different temperatures

Software and Programs

Sea Water Equation of State Calculator
A calculator to compute the UNESCO International Equation of State (IES 80) as described in Fofonoff (1985). The calculator is quite flexible


Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology
… focuses on water and wastewater treatment, water pollution monitoring, water purification, and similar topics. It publishes the results of research covering a very broad range, including the structure of water and ist fundamental properties; chemical, physicochemical and biological methods of water treatment; methods of water analysis; instrumentation for monitoring water quality; and automation and control of treatment processes and systems. Springer


International Water Association
IWA is in a better position than any other organization in the world to help water professionals create innovative, pragmatic and sustainable solutions to challenging global water needs


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