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Chemistry News Archive June 2011

Chemistry News June 2011

News of the year 2011 in the fields of chemistry and chemistry-related topics like biochemistry, nantechnology, medicinal chemistry etc.

Main focus: press releases, scientific research results and summaries of chemistry articles, that are published in chemistry journals.

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Clean Oxidation Reactions

Green Chemistry with Sunlight

Combining electrochemistry and photovoltaics to clean up oxidation reactions.

Image: “Electrochemistry can oxidize molecules with any oxidation potential, because the electrode voltage can be tuned or adjusted, or I can run the reaction in such a way that it adjusts itself. So I have tremendous versatility for doing things,” says Kevin Moeller. [Credit: David Kilper/WUSTL]

Tunneling Control of a Chemical Reaction

UGA researcher leads discovery of a new driving force for chemical reactions.

Odor-releasing TV

Progress Toward Smell Television

Television for the nose: targeted release of various scents from individually addressable chambers.

Image: Using a novel polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) elastomer-based device, the switchable release of specific gases is demonstrated [Credit: Angewandte Chemie].




A New Class of Superatoms

Researchers discover superatoms with magnetic shells.


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