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Sweden: scientific institutions, organisations, research


List of scientific institutions in Sweden: universities, research and other academic institutions, government agencies, industry associations.

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Chemistry Related Institutions

Chemistry in Sweden
This page lists chemistry research and education in Sweden. Umea University - [e]

Swedish Chemicals Agency
KemI is the driving force in efforts to attain a non-toxic environment - [e, se]

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Scientific Universities

Blekinge Institute of Technology
The research at BTH ranges from humanities, business administration and health sciences to mathematics, spatial planning and engineering - [e, se]

Chalmers University of Technology
Research work at Chalmers covers everything from mathematics and natural sciences through technology to industrial sciences to social structures - [e, se]

Dalarna University
Högskolan Dalarna pursues research both in the traditional academic research fields and toward a closer co-operation between those fields - [e, se]

Ersta Sköndal University College
... is dedicated to studies in the fields of social work, nursing and health care, theology, church music with an explicit ethical and diaconal orientation - [e, se]

Gotland University
International Management and independent courses in Archaeology, Osteo-Archaeology, Cross Cultural Studies, IT/Business Administration, International Business Relations, European Studies, Game Design, Building Conservation, Object Antiquarian Studies, Russian, History, Human Geography, Ethnology, Ecology and Art History - [e, se]

Halmstad University
Humanties; Business and Engineering; Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering; Social and Health Sciences; Teacher Education - [e, se]

Jönköping University
School of Education and Communication, School of Engineering and School of Health Sciences - [e, se]

Karlstad University
Economics, Communication and IT; Technology and Science; Social and Life Sciences - [e, se]

Karolinska Institute
A leading medical university and research center - [e, se]

Kristianstad University College
Mathematics and Science; School of Engineering - [e, se]

KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
Sweden's leading technical university: Biotechnology; Energy and Environmental Technology; Industrial Engineering and Management; Chemical Science and Engineering; Technology and Health; Engineering Sciences - [e, se]

Linköping University
Technology and Social Change, Water and Environmental Studies. R&D at the Institute of Technology spans from basic engineering science, mathematics and computer science to applied research. Faculty of Health Sciences - [e, se]

Luleå University of Technology
Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering; Applied Chemistry and Geosciences; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Health Science; Human Work Sciences; Mathematics; Space and Environment - [e, se]

Lund University
Engineering; Science; Science and Technology; Medicine - [e, se]

Mälardalen University
... offers education and research of a high international standard in engineering and technology, the natural sciences etc - [e, se]

Malmö University
Focus research areas include education, health and welfare, as well as sports science, media, immigration and the environment - [e, se]

Mid Sweden University
... offers a wide range of courses within the educational fields of social science, media, health care, IT, natural science, technology - [e, se]

Örebro University
The university provides education and research in humanities, law, social science, science, technology, health care, medicine, education, music and sport science - [e, se]

SLU - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
... develops knowledge about biological natural resources - everything that lives and grows - [e, se]

Södertörn University
... offers more than 70 study programmes within the Humanities, Social Sciences, Life Sciences and Education - [e, se]

Stockholm University
... is a centre for higher education and research in humanities, law, the natural and social sciences - [e, se]

Umeå University
Faculties: Arts; Medicine; Social Sciences; Science and Technology; Teacher Education - [e, se]

University of Borås
Wducations in Library and Information Studies, Business and Informatics, Fashion and Textile Studies, Behavioural and Education Sciences, Engineering and Health Sciences - [e, se]

University of Gävle
There are five academic profile areas: Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Computer Science; Technology; Humanities and Social Sciences; Teacher Training; Health Care - [e, se]

University of Gothenburg
Sahlgrenska Academy: Medicine, Odontology and Health and Care Sciences. The Faculty of Science includes all the major subject areas in the fields of mathematics and natural sciences - [e, se]

University of Kalmar
School of Pure and Applied Natural Sciences - [e, se]

University of Skövde
Humanities and Informatics; Life Sciences; Technology and Society; Systems Biology Research Centre - [e, se]

University West
Research is conducted within the areas of technology, social science, health and caring sciences and the humanities. Work integrated learning constitutes an important, interdisciplinary, field of research - [e, se]

Uppsala University
... is a comprehensive international research university dedicated to advancing science, scholarship, and higher education - [e, se]

Växjö University
Research at Växjö University spans over a wide range of subjects, for instance Humanities, Social Sciences, and Technology - [e, se]

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National Research Institutions and Research Centers

... gives on-line information and practical assistance for researchers moving to Sweden - [e]

... is the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics - [e, se]

The Institute for Surface Chemistry is the internationally leading industrial research institute in applied surface and colloid chemistry - [e, se]

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Scientific Societies

Nobel Foundation
... is a private institution established in 1900 based on the will of Alfred Nobel. The Foundation manages the assets made available through the will for the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace - [e]

Svenska Kemistsamfundet
Svenska Kemistsamfundet: Within the Swedish Chemical Society there are divisions for analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, chemometrics, mass spectrometry, education, theoretical chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology, organic chemistry and surface chemistry - [e, se]

Swedish Research Council
SRC - [e, se]

Swedish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
SFBM - [e/se]

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Chemical Industry, Organisations, Associations

Scandinavian Life Science Database
... is a comprehensive database presenting the power of the Scandinavian Life Science industry. The database has become a reality through a unique project merging together a number of regional databases in Sweden, Norway and Denmark - [e]

... is the national organization for the life science industry in Sweden and it is a membership financed non-profit organization - [e]

Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry
LIF is the trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden - [e, se]

Swedish Industrial and Chemical Employers Association
... is an employer organisation with a focus on industrial businesses - [e, se]

Swedish Plastics and Chemicals Federation
... is the trade organisation of the manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals and plastic products in Sweden - [e, se]

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Patents and Standards

European Patent Office, EPO
Swedish Patent and Registration Office, PRV - [d, e, f]

Swedish Patent and Registration Office
PRV provides protection and exclusive rights for technological ideas, trademarks and industrial designs - [e, se]

Swedish Standards Institute
SIS - [e, se]

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Ministries and national authorities

Government of Sweden
The Government and the Government Offices of Sweden - [e, se]

The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems - [e, se]

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Sweden: scientific institutions, organisations, research
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