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Finland: scientific institutions, organizations, research


List of scientific institutions in Finland: universities, research and other academic institutions, government agencies, industry associations.

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Scientific Universities

Abo Akademi University
Informational and Structural Biology; Biofuel Science and Technology; Chemical Engineering; Materials Research. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Biochemistry; Biology; Bioscience; Chemistry; Geology and Mineralogy; Pharmacy; Physics. Faculty of Technology: Process Chemistry; Process Systems Engineering; Wood Processing - [e, fi]

Helsinki University of Technology, TKK
A research-oriented university - [e, fi]

Lappeenranta University of Technology
Faculty of Technology: energy, chemistry; technomathematics; technical physics. Faculty of Technology Management - [e, fi]

Tampere University of Technology, TUT
Faculty of Automation, Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Faculty of Science and Environmental Engineering: Biomedical Engineering; Chemistry and Bioengineering; Energy and Process Engineering; Mathematics; Physics; Optoelectronics Research Centre - [e, fi]

University of Helsinki
Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. Faculty of Biosciences. Faculty of Medicine. Faculty of Pharmacy. Faculty of Science: Astronomy; Chemistry; Computer Science; Geography; Geology; Mathematics and Statistics; Physics. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. - [e, fi]

University of Joensuu
Faculty of Science: Chemistry, Physics. Faculty of Forest Sciences. Faculty of Biosciences - [e, fi]

University of Jyväskylä
Faculty of Mathematics and Science: Biological and Environmental Science; Physics; Chemistry; Mathematics. Accelerator Laboratory; NanoScience Center; Renewable Energy - [e, fi]

University of Kuopio
Faculty of Medicine; Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences: biochemistry and bioinformatics; biotechnology; biochemistry; environmental physics and computational physics, health care technology; environmental health; research on global change; environmental informatics, environmental technology. Faculty of Pharmacy. Institute for Molecular Sciences - [e, fi]

University of Lapland
... is an international, multidisciplinary institution whose areas of expertise include Arctic affairs and tourism research. Teaching and research at the University centre on northern and Arctic issues, tourism, art and design, law, education and the social sciences - [e, fi]

University of Oulu
Faculty of Science: Biochemistry; Biology; Geosciences; Physical Sciences; Chemistry. Faculty of Medicine. Faculty of Technology: Process and Environmental Engineering; Chemical Process Engineering; Industrial Engineering and Management - [e, fi]

University of Tampere
Faculty of Medicine - [e, fi]

University of Turku
... is a highly international university, where education and research are closely intertwined. The university offers academic education based on high quality and often multidisciplinary research - [e, fi]

University of Vaasa
Faculty of Technology: Mathematics and Statistics; Electrical Engineering and Automation; Computer Science; Production (Materials Science) - [e, fi]

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National Research Institutions and Research Centers

A. I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences
The research profile of AIVI is on molecular medicine of major diseases of high importance for health care, including cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and metabolism-related diseases - [e]

Academy of Finland
... is the prime funding agency for basic research in Finland - [e, fi]

Agrifood Research Finland
... is Finland's leading research institute in the field of agricultural and food research and agricultural environment research - [e, fi]

Centre for Separation Technology
CST consists of seven laboratories from the Department of Chemical Technology together with 23 companies and 9 research institutes as members - [e, fi, ru]

Chemistry at CSC
Programs; databases; courses and events; guidebooks - [e, fi]

Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention
VERIFIN was established on 1994, as continuation of the Chemical Weapons (CW) research project working since 1973. VERIFIN supports the disarmament of chemical weapons by development of identification methods for chemical warfare agents (CWA) - [e, fi]

Finnish science and technology information service
... contains key statistics and other data on Finnish science and technology. There are also links for more in-depth information: statistical and other publications, documents and databases - [e, fi]

IT Center for Science Ltd.
CSC is a non-profit company providing IT support and resources for academia, research institutes and companies: modeling, computing and information services - [e, fi]

The Finnish Innovation Fund is an independent public fund which under the supervision of the Finnish Parliament promotes the welfare of Finnish society - [e, fi]

The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation - [e, fi]

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Scientific Societies

Association of Finnish Chemical Societies
Suomen Kemian Seura - Divisions: Biotechnology; EURACHEM; Chemometrics; Chemistry Education; Chromatography; Computerized Modelling Chemistry; Mass Spectrometry; Metal analytics; NMR; Optical Spectroscopy; Compressed Fluid Technologies; Explosives; Protection, Rescue and Civil Defense; Catalysis; Wood- and Polymer Chemistry; Synthetic Chemistry; Thermo analytics - [fi (e)]

Chemical Society of Finland
Finska Kemistsamfundet. Mainly swedish speaking - [fi]

Finnish Chemical Society
Suomalaisten Kemistien Seura ry - [fi]

Finnish Society of Chemical Engineers
KTF (KTY) acts as a forum for people working on chemical engineering or chemical technology areas in industry or research organizations or studying chemical engineering at universities - [e, fi]

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Chemical Industry, Organisations, Associations

Chemical Industry Federation
... of Finland - [e, fi]

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Patents and Standards

Finland Standards Association
Suomen Standardisoimisliitto SFS - [e, fi]

Finnish Patent Office
Services Programme of the Finnish Patent Office. EPO - European Patent Office - [e]

National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland
PRH - [e, fi]

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Ministries and national authorities

Finnish Government
Official homepage - [e, fi, se]

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
... steers the policy on sustainable use of natural resources - [e, fi]

Ministry of Education
... is responsible for developing educational, science, cultural, sport and youth policies and international cooperation in these fields - [e, fi]

Ministry of the Environment
... is responsible for environmental and housing policies, coordinating local authority planning, strategic administrative planning, the drafting of new legislation, and international cooperation in its field of activity - [e, fi, se]

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Finland: scientific institutions, organizations, research
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