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Superconductivity is a physical phenomenon by which some substances - superconductors - suddenly lose all electrical resistance when their temperature is reduced.

Online available information resources on superconductivity and superconductors.

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Current Stories and Reports

Iron-arsenic superconductors an class of their own
Ames Laboratory physicists demonstrate unique mechanism of superconductivity. - [e]

Many roads lead to superconductivity
HZB scientists discovered a unique feature of superconductivity - [e]

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General Information

Superconducting Levitation
A few movies showing how the superconducting levitation works - [e]

Superconductor Information
... for Beginner - [e]

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Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Applied Superconductivity
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

Basic Josephson Junctions
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

Classical Model of a Superconductor
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

Electromagnetic Power
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

Generalized Josephson Junctions
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

Josephson Circuits I
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

London’s Equations
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

Macroscopic Quantum Model
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

Magneto-Optical Imaging of Superconductors
Notes - [e]

Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

Perfect Conductivity
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

Perfect Diamagnetism
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT - [e]

Perovskite and Related Structures
Crystal Lattice Structures: The cuprate superconductors listed there are named according to the convention of Shaked et al. in Crystal Structures of the High-Tc Superconducting Copper-Oxides - [e]

Quantized vortices I
... in Bose-Einstein condensates and Superfluidity. Qiang's Research Gallery - [e]

Quantized vortices II
... in type-II superconductors. Qiang's Research Gallery - [e]

Quantum Transport
... in Superconducting Devices. Lecture notes - [e]

SQUID - Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

Superconducting Digital Circuits
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

Tutorial on Superfluidity and Superconductivity - Format: PDF - [e]

Lecture notes. MPG - [e]

Superconductivity Concepts
Lecture notes. HyperPhysics - [e]

Superconductor Terminology
... and the Naming Scheme - [e]

Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

Transmission Lines
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

Type II Superconductors
Lecture notes: Superconductivity. MIT, USA - [e]

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Special Information

Abrikosov Lattices in Superconductors
Image gallery - [e]

Atypical Superconductors
... and the Future. Article, 2007 - [e]

Dendritic flux
... avalanches in superconductors - [e]

Image Gallery of Superconductors
Graphs; Nb-Ti; Nb3Sn; HTS; Magneto-Optical; MgB2; Small 3D Images etc.. Applied Superconductivity Center - [e]

Real-Time Magneto-Optical Imaging
... of Vortex Lattice - [e]

Superconductor Collection
Photos of Ceramic Superconductor Single Crystals. FSU - [e]

Vortex avalanches
... in superconductors - [e]

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Data and Databases

Superconductivity Papers Database
This database covers mostly the articles on superconductivity appeared after the advent (1987) of the high Tc in 20 - 50 scientific journals including review papers. AIST - [e]

The NIST High Temperature Superconducting Materials Database provides evaluated thermal, mechanical, and superconducting property data for oxides and other nonconventional superconductors - [e]

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Superconductor Science and Technology
A multidisciplinary forum for workers involved in any aspect of the science and technology of superconductors.. IOP - [e]

Superconductor Week
... is the leading newsletter providing global coverage of the technology and commercialization of low- and high-temperature superconductors and cryogenics for both large-scale and small-scale applications - [e]

Virtual Journal of Applications of Superconductivity
VJAS is a semi-monthly virtual journal presenting articles that have appeared in one of the participating broad-based source journals not specializing in superconductivity. American Institute of Physics - [e]

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Articles and Reports

Exotic Materials Using Neptunium, Plutonium Provide Insight into Superconductivity
Quantum mechanical triplet of magnetic spin and electron pair may lead to superconductivity at higher temperatures. Article, July 2008 - [e]

Los Alamos Scientists See New Mechanism for Superconductivity
Laboratory researchers have posited an explanation for superconductivity that may open the door to the discovery of new, unconventional forms of superconductivity. Article, Nov 2008 - [e]

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Charles P. Poole, Horacio A. Farach, Richard J. Creswick, Ruslan Prozorov


Superconductivity, 2E is an encyclopedic treatment of all aspects of the subject, from classic materials to fullerenes. Emphasis is on balanced coverage, with a comprehensive reference list and significant graphicsfrom all areas of the published literature. Widely used theoretical approaches are explained in detail. Topics of special interest include high temperature superconductors, spectroscopy, critical states, transport properties, and tunneling.

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