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The magnetic properties of chemical compounds.

Magnetochemistry is a branch of physical chemistry that examines the interrelationship between a magnetic field and atomic or molecular structure.

Below you will find online available information resources on magnetochemistry.

Content, Topics

Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Special Information
Practical Courses
Articles and Reports

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Magnetic Properties
Lecture notes: fundamentals and structural correlations - Format: PDF

Magnetism and magnetic properties - Format: PDF

Lecture notes on magneto chemistry. University of Siegen - Format: PDF

Introduction to Magnetochemistry

Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Metal Compounds
The synthesis and magnetochemistry of transition and lanthanide metal compounds - Format: PDF

Molecular Magnetism
Introduction to molecular magnetism - Format: PDF

On-Surface Magnetochemistry
Dissertation, 2013 - Format: PDF

Transition Metal Complexes
Magnetism in transition metal complexes - Format: PDF

Workshop in Magnetochemistry
Molecular magnetism - Format: PDF

Special Information

Magnetic Interaction at the Metalorganic Molecule-Substrate Interface
Insights from first-principles calculations - Format: PDF

Practical Courses

Magnetic Susceptibility
Measurements of magnetic susceptibility and magnetic moment for transition metal complexes - Format: PDF

Nickel Complexes
Magnetochemistry of some Ni(II) complexes - Format: PDF

Transition and Lanthanide Metal Compounds
The synthesis and magnetochemistry - Format: PDF


Open access molecular magnetism and magnetic materials journal. MDPI

Articles and Reports

SrO-Fe2O3 system
Solid state and magneto chemistry of the SrO-Fe2O3 system : III. The non-existence of single-phase SrFe2O4. Article, 1974. University of Michigan, USA


European Insitute of Molecular Magnetism
The institute aims to become a centre of excellence in Europe for research and training as well as a world leading reference in the area of molecular magnetism


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