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Polonium, Po, Element 84


Polonium - chemical symbol Po, atomic number 84 - is an radioactive, very rare, toxic, in two metallic allotropes existing, chemical element of the oxygen family.

Online available information resources about the chemistry and physics of polonium and the polonium compounds.

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Information and data about the element

Polonium, Po
Polonium element facts. ChemiCool, USA - [e]

Polonium, Po
Chemical and physical properties; comprehensive data. Environmental Chemistry, USA - [e]

Polonium, Po
Chemical and physical properties of polonium. Webelements, UK - [e]

Polonium, Po
Chemical and physical properties of polonium. Visual Elements, Chemsoc, UK - [e]

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Atom, Orbitals, Radiochemistry

Atomic Data for Polonium (Po)
Basic Atomic Spectroscopic Data. NIST, USA - [e]

Isotopes of Polonium
Overview, isotopic data and properties of all known nuclides of polonium.

Radiochemistry of Polonium
A review of the nuclear and chemical features of particular interest to the radiochemist, a discussion of problems of dissolution of a sample and counting techniques, and finally, a collection of radiochemical procedures for the element as found in the literature.. LANL, USA - Format: PDF - [e]

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Historical Facts and Documents

Marie Curie and The Science of Radioactivity
Biography. American Institute of Physics - [e]

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Group Elements - Information

Group 16 Elements
Lecture notes: Chalcogenides - Format: PDF - [e]

Group 16 Elements
Chemical Data: Chalcogenides. Chemsoc, UK - [e]

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Polonium and polonium compounds
Database search form for polonium and polonium compounds: properties, safety data, available products etc. - [d, e]

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Nuclide Safety Data Sheet: Polonium-210
Data sheet. NCHPS, USA - Format: PDF - [e]

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Toxicology and Medicinal Chemistry

Po-210 Information Sheet. Health Physics Society, USA - Format: PDF - [e]

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Polonium, Po, Element 84
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Susan Quinn

Marie Curie: A Life

One hundred years ago, Marie Curie discovered radioactivity, for which she won the Nobel Prize in physics. In 1911 she won an unprecedented second Nobel Prize, this time in chemistry, for isolating new radioactive elements. Despite these achievements, or perhaps because of her fame, she has remained a saintly, unapproachable genius. From family documents and a private journal only recently made available, Susan Quinn at last tells the full human story. From the stubborn sixteen-year-old studying science at night while working as a governess, to her romance and scientific partnership with Pierre Curie—an extraordinary marriage of equals—we feel her defeats as well as her successes: her rejection by the French Academy, her unbearable grief at Pierre’s untimely and gruesome death, and her retreat into a love affair with a married fellow scientist, causing a scandal which almost cost her the second Nobel Prize. In Susan Quinn’s fully dimensional portrait, we come at last to know this complicated, passionate, brilliant woman.

Addison Wesley Publishing Company; 1996

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