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Anti-nutritional Factors in Oil Seeds

By Mrs. Farzana Panhwar (2005).



- Brazil nut: It contain sufficient amount of barium to cause poisoning. The kernel of brazilian nut on the air-dry basis contains 0.26% barium. Extraction of the nut - meat with water acidified with hydrochloric acid removes all the barium.

- Some times physiological changes also cause the formation of poisonous substances in oil seeds.

- Rhubarb and spinach contain oxalic acid, which bind with calcium so it creates calcium deficiency.

- The oil-seeds contain anti-nutritional and toxic factors that must be inactivated if their full value to be realised.

- Oxalate found in Sesame oil. Oxalic acid forms insoluble salts with calcium, magnesium and iron, and act to prevent these minerals from being absorbed during digestion.

- Phytic acid present in cereals:- It is scientifically is Inositol hexaphosphonic acid. It is a phosphoric acid ester of magnesium salt is called phytin. Phytic acid forms insoluble salts with calcium, iron and magnesium, it interferes with the intestinal absorption of these minerals. Phytic acid is associated with fibre.

Phytes also results into decrease iron and zinc absorption. Cereals contain Phytin, its bind with calcium so cause calcium deficiency.

Cotton seeds endosperm has pigment glands which contain the toxic pigment gossypol. The gossypol that gets into the oil is removed during oil refining. Gossypol that stay with the meal has problem accepting cotton seed flour and cotton seed protein for human food. It is possible to remove un -ruptured pigment glands by controlled disintegration of the seed in the hexane and centrifugal separation of lighter glands form the rest of endosperm. Glandless varieties of cotton seeds are free of gossypol have been developed by plant breeder.

Some molds produce poisonous called mycotoxin. The mycotoxin aflatoxin found in ground nut. If eaten, it can cause severe and some times deadly liver damage. Aflatoxin-producing molds grow under warm, moist conditions, care is needed to store these food.

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Anti-nutritional Factors in Oil Seeds as Aflatoxin in Ground Nut.

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