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Ion exchanger, Ion exchange resins

Ion Exchanger

Ion exchange is the reversible exchange of ions of the same charge between a solution and an insoluble solid in contact with it; or between two electrolytes; or between an electrolyte solution and a complex.

List of manufacturers and supplier of ion-exchange materials

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International manufacturer and supplier

Dow Chemical Company
... is the world's leading brand for ion exchange resins, backed by more than 60 years of manufacturing experience - [e]

... offers proven solutions and new approaches that protect your high-value assets, maximize run times, reduce maintenance, save energy, and enhance product quality - [d, e]

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Product Range for Ion Exchangers and Adsorbent Resins - [d, e]

Resins for Ion Exchange, Adsorbents, Catalysts, and Special Applications - [e]

QualiChem, Inc.
... carries a complete line of ion exchange resins for water treatment and process applications - [e]

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United States of America, USA

Eichrom Technologies, Inc.
Ion Exchange Resins for Analytical Applications - [e]

GE Water & Process Technologies
... offers proven solutions and new approaches that protect your high-value assets, maximize run times, reduce maintenance, save energy, and enhance product quality - [e]

ITOCHU Chemicals America Inc.
Ion Exchange Resins for BioProcessing - [e]

Rohm and Haas Company
Industrial grade strong acid cation exchanger for all general demineralization systems - [e]

Spectrum Labs
... manufactures a complete range of Ion Exchange Resins for preparative scale ion exchange chromatography - [e]

Surplus Management, Inc.
... is the world's fastest growing buyer and reseller of surplus and refurbished used water and wastewater equipment and components - [e]

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Ion Exchange India
... brings you total commitment in water management - [e]

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Mitsubishi Chemical's Ion-Exchange Resin and Separation Media Products - [jp, e]

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Ion exchanger, Ion exchange resins
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Andrei A. Zagorodni

Ion Exchange Materials: Properties and Applications

The book fills a "two-dimensional" gap in books currently available on the subject. Firstly, there is a lack of modern comprehensive publications on the chemistry of ion exchange materials and on the relationships between their properties and practical applications. Secondly, there are few books on ion exchange chemistry that are targeted to industrial R&D specialists and research students who (i) do not work with ion exchange on a daily basis, (ii) need to develop competence in this area, and (iii) find it difficult to start studying the subject from primary scientific publications.

Ion Exchange Materials: Properties and Applications bridges these gaps by describing classical and modern theoretical concepts, as well as practical approaches for using ion exchange materials. Ion exchange materials combine properties of homogeneous and heterogeneous materials. Besides being an interesting subject for investigation, they are essential in a wide variety of industrial technologies: in the chemical and biochemical industries, pharmacy, medicine, microelectronics, the nuclear industry, food production, waste treatment, and many other areas. Ion exchange is a powerful tool in chemical analysis and scientific research. The main focus in this book is on ion exchange polymers: ion exchange resins, chelating resins, imprinted (templated), and other functional polymers. It provides an in-depth study of ion exchange materials, suitable for postgraduate students and R&D industrial specialists in chemistry, chemical and biochemical technology.

Elsevier Science; 2006

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