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Laboratory Chemicals, Research Chemicals, Fine Chemicals

Laboratory Chemicals

List of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of chemical for laboratory and research use worldwide.

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International manufacturer and supplier

Alfa Aesar
... is a leading international manufacturer, supplier and distributor of fine chemicals, metals, and materials - [e]

Avantor Performance Materials
… is a global leader in performance materials and chemistries - sophisticated products engineered to help you tackle your new-technology challenges and enable you to support and amplify your performance, increase your speed to market and lower the cost of ownership - [e]

... supplies raw materials, active substances and additives for manufacturers in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, plastics and rubber - [d, e, cn, f, it]

Honeywell Riedel-de Haën
Inorganic and organic fine chemicals - [e]

Merck Chemicals
Laboratory and research chemicals; pure metals for lab use - [d, e, f, ...]

Laboratory and research chemicals; pure metals for lab use - [e, d, f, es, ...]

VWR International
... offers a comprehensive selection of lab supplies, chemicals, equipment, furniture, instruments and services, organized for quick, easy shopping - [d, e, f, es, ...]

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A.+E. Fischer
... versorgt vorwiegend das mittelständische Gewerbe im gesamten Bundesgebiet Deutschlands mit einem bedarfsorientierten Chemikaliensortiment - [d, e]

AppliChem GmbH
... bietet Feinchemikalien, Laborchemikalien, Auftragssynthesen und einen einmaligen Service bei Farb-, Maß-, Puffer- und ready-to-use-Lösungen, Sourcing von Chemikalien und vieles mehr - [d, e]

ASM Research Chemicals
... is a research and development organisation in the field of synthesis of complex organic molecules for various applications - [e]

BCH Brühl-Chemikalien Handel GmbH
Internationaler Handel mit chem. Roh- und Hilfsstoffen, die schwerpunktmässig Ihren Einsatz im Harz-, Lack- und Farbenbereich finden, sowie mit Spezialitäten in diversen anderen Bereichen wie z.B. Feinchemikalien und Zwischenrohstoffen - [d]

Behr Labor-Technik GmbH
Laborfachhandel in Düsseldorf - [d]

Plastic, Spezialchemie und internationaler Chemiehandel - [d, e]

Brace GmbH
Mikrokugeln, Mikrokapseln, Mikroverkapselung, Microspheres, Microencapsulation - [d, e]

Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG
Produktion anorganischer und organischer Salze - [d, e]

Grüssing GmbH
… ist ein leistungsstarkes, kundenorientiertes Unternehmen auf dem Laborchemikalienmarkt und liefert Chemikalien, Reagenzien und Kundenrezepturen - [d]

Morphisto GmbH
Gebrauchfertige Laborchemikalien für die Histologie, Zytologie und Hämatologie: Unser Alleinstellungsmerkmal ist das kombinierte Produktions- und Servicelabor. Alle von uns hergestellten Laborchemikalien und in vitro Diagnostica werden bei uns selbst genutzt und neben den üblichen Qualitätskontrollen ständig reellen Anwenderbedingungen unterzogen. Als erste Ausgründung des Senckenberg-Forschungsinstitutes bietet die Morphisto GmbH zudem in ihrem modernen Histologie-Labor einen umfassenden Service für medizinische und biologische Forschungsprojekte und Auftragsarbeiten. - [d, e]

SuboLab Fein- und Industriechemie
Händler für Chemikalien, Fein und Industriechemie, Laborgeräte und Arbeitsschutz - [d, e]

VeZerf Laborsynthesen GmbH
Syntheselabor, in welchem Forschungs-chemikalien im Labormaßstab nach Kundenspezifikation hergestellt werden können (Reaktoren bis 30 L Nennvolumen) - [d, e]

WITEGA Laboratorien Berlin-Adlershof GmbH
Laborsynthese von organischen Synthesebausteinen, Wirkstoffen, Feinchemikalien und Referenzsubstanzen im Kundenauftrag - [d, e]

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United States of America, USA

ACIC Fine Chemicals Inc.
Over 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry - [e]

... a member of the Sigma-Aldrich family of companies, is a recognized leader in the research and fine chemicals market - [e]

AMPAC Fine Chemicals
... manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Registered Intermediates - [e]

... is a scientific source for laboratory equipment, specialty chemicals and science educational products. Texas - [e]

Spectrum Chemicals
... is one of the largest fine chemical manufacturer of both inorganic and organic monograph products including ACS, USP/NF, FCC, BP, EP and JP grades - [e]

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United Kingdom

Fisher Scientific UK
... is a leading provider of products and services to the scientific community - [e]

P&R Labpak Limited
… are an independent supplier of laboratory chemicals and equipment. We can supply all grades of chemicals from technical through to analytical and research grades - [e]

... manufacture EP grade chemicals, ion pair reagents, pharmaceutical chemicals at EP grade and specialise in custom chemical synthesis - [e]

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European Union

Argus Chemicals
Rare and fine chemicals producer from grams to multikilograms on pilot plant. Intermediates for pharmaceuticals Research and development contracts Phosphorus based ligands noble metals catalyst - [e]

Aurora Fine Chemicals
Specialized in chemical custom synthesis of novel and rare organic compounds in the scale from mg to kg quantities. More than 5000 building blocks for organic synthetic chemistry; 29,000 screening structures for HTS are available from stock - [e]

Base Chemicals and Materials - [e]

European Fine Chemicals Group
... is the forum, the focus and the voice for European Fine Chemicals Manufacturers - [e]

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... is a manufacturer of organic fine chemicals in the field of enzyme substrates and reagents, indole derivatives and specialty chemicals for microbiology, molecular biology, diagnostics, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry - [e]

CU Chemie Uetikon AG
Deuterierte Verbindungen, Basischemikalien - [e]

Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis AG
... is a fine chemical company, specializing in hazardous, safety-critical chemical reactions focused on the exclusive synthesis of fine chemicals - [e]

EMS Group
... is active worldwide in the business areas Performance Polymers and Fine Chemicals/Engineering - [e]

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Taizhou Yanling Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
... specialized in the manufactue of gamma-butyrolactone and pyrrolidone analogues - [e]

Yiming Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
... is a well known manufacturer of fine chemicals in China - [e, cn]

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Chemical Centre
… is a leading distributor of laboratory chemicals in India - [e]

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Chemada Fine Chemicals Company Ltd.
... is a leading Israeli based manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals - [e]

Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
Production of chiral chemicals and fine chemicals - [e]

Samsung Fine Chemicals
... produces hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, dimethylmalonate, diethylmalonate, diisopropylmalonate, melamine, epichlorohydrin - [e, kr, cn]

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Synthon (Pty) Ltd.
... has been manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of speciality fine chemical products since 1984 - [e]

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Laboratory Chemicals, Research Chemicals, Fine Chemicals
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