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Conductivity Meters

Conductivity Meters

The electrochemical conductivity (specific conductance) is a measure of the ability of an electrolyte solution to conduct electricity - unit: S/m (Siemens/metre).

Manufacturers and suppliers of conductivity measurement devices.

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International manufacturer and supplier

Comprehensive array of instrumentation and accessories for measuring conductivity, resistivity, total dissolved solids, and salinity - [e]

Eutech Instruments Pte Ltd.
... offers a wide range of conductivity meters for various applications - [e]

Honeywell conductivity technology helps measure, analyze and transmit valuable conductivity, resistivity and concentration information in simple and complex industrial processes with a complete line of analyzers, transmitters and conductivity cells - [e]

... offers a conductivity meter that enables high-precision measurement of conductivity and temperature in water solutions - [e]

... offers an extensive line of water analysis instruments, test kits, reagents, test strips and sampling equipment - [e]

... is the name for quality instruments and services for chemical ion analysis all over the world - [e]

The conductivity sensors from Mettler Toledo are designed for high process safety, rapid sensor replacement and quick and easy installation - [e]

pH meters, mV meters and redox potential for measuring the pH value and redox voltages. They can also be used for electrical conductivity, electrical resistance and salinity - [e]

The high performance pH and conductivity meters by SCHOTT were developed specifically for practical use in the laboratory. They are very easy to use, reliable and precise in all application areas. Routine work is facilitated thanks to automated procedures - [e]

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Breites Sortiment diverser Sensoren und Messgeräte zur Ermittlung elektrochemischer Parameter wie beispielsweise pH-Wert, Redox-Potential und Leitwert. Kalibrierlösungen für elektrochemische Messverfahren - [d]

Dr. A. Kuntze
Konduktive Leitfähigkeitsmessgeräte für industrielle Anwendungen - [d, e]

Gebrüder Heyl
Prozessmessgeräte für Leitfähigkeit, pH und Redox-Potenzial - [d, e]

Hach Lange
... liefert praxisgerechte Lösungen mit modernster Technik für Abwasser, Trinkwasser und Prozesswasser - [d]

Hanna Instruments Deutschland GmbH
… entwickelt und stellt Messgeräte her, mit dem Ziel, stets Qualitätsprodukte anzubieten, hochleistungsfähig, leicht in der Handhabung und preiswert - [d]

Das WTW-Programm bietet die weltweit kompletteste Produktlinie von pH, Redox-, Sauerstoff/BSB/Respirometrie- und Leitfähigkeitsgeräten, Trübungsmessgeräten und Photometern inklusive Reagenzien - [d, e]

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United States of America, USA

Conductivity, TDS, salinity meters - [e]

Hanna Instruments
Conductivity/TDS: bench; portable; testers; indicators; sensors; calibration and maintenance solutions - [e]

JUMO Process Control, Inc.
Electrodes; in-line sensors; controllers; analyzers; meters; transmitters; accessories - [e]

Myron L Company
... is a leading manufacturer of high quality and simple to operate conductivity and pH instrumentation for municipal, commercial and industrial water quality control, chemical concentration testing and process control - [e]

Topac Inc.
Conductivity, salinity, resistivity, meters and probes. Multi parameter - electrochemistry meters - [e]

Handheld conductivity, salinity and temperature instruments - [e]

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United Kingdom

Envitech Ltd.
Process conductivity measurement - [e]

Hach Lange
Conductivity measurement systems - [e]

... offers a wide choice of portable and laboratory conductivity meters to suit all budgets and applications requirements - [e]

Russell Mainstream Supply Ltd.
... offers a wide range of conductivity meters for various applications - [e]

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European Union

... is a manufacturing company of electrochemical and electrophoresis equipment for research, analysis, laboratory and industrial purposes. Belgium - [e]

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Radiometer Analytical
Reliable pH, mV, Ion and Conductivity measurements - [e, f]

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Desin Instruments
Whole range for conductivity measuring and controllers - [e, es]

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Conductivity Meters
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This second, completely updated edition of a classic textbook provides a concise introduction to the fundamental principles of modern electrochemistry, with an emphasis on applications in energy technology. The renowned and experienced scientist authors present the material in a didactically skilful and lucid manner. They cover the physical-chemical fundamentals as well as such modern methods of investigation as spectroelectrochemistry and mass spectrometry, electrochemical analysis and production methods, as well as fuel cells and micro- and nanotechnology. The result is a must-have for advanced chemistry students as well as those studying chemical engineering, materials science and physics.

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