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pH Meters

Manufacturers and suppliers of instruments for the pH value measurement (pH meters, pH electrodes).


The pH value is an expression for the effective concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution - or for the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

Directory of manufacturers and suppliers of pH measurement devices and systems for the use in laboratories, research, industry, home etc.

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International Manufacturers and Suppliers

Benchtop pH Meters - [d, e, es, f]

pH Control; pH Electrodes; pH Meters; pH Test Strips - [d, e]

Eutech Instruments / Thermo Scientific
... offers a wide range of pH meters that measure pH values in various educational, laboratory and industrial applications - [e]

Meters for pH, ion concentrations and conductivity. The web site shows you how to find the right electrode, pH meter and accessories for your application - [e]

Mettler Toledo
Manufacturer of various pH instruments - [e]


Manufacture of high-precision, portable measuring devices for temperature, pressure, humidity, pH value, oil, salt and all physical quantities - [d, e, f, cn, ...]

pH and redox electrodes, conductivity measuring cells, measuring and control devices for pH and redox, conductivity, ultrapure water and oxygen, sensors, fittings for measuring sensors - [d, e]

Kuntze GmbH
... has been developing measurement and control technology for the online analysis of aqueous solutions for more than 60 years - [d, e]

LHG - Laborgeräte Handelsgesellschaft mbH
... supplies various pH meters - [d]

SI Analytics GmbH
Application-oriented and perfectly matched pH electrodes - [d, e]

Testo AG
One-hand pH / pemperatue measuring devices an device sets - [d]

United States of America, USA

Hach pH meter, electrode, and kit solutions - [e]

pH and Redox electrodes with glass or epoxy shafts - [e]

Harvard Apparatus
Portable pH meters - [e]

HM Digital
... makes pH, conductivity and ORP meter that are very accurate, reliable, super easy to use, and offer the best value - [e]

Milwaukee Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturers of quality instruments for measuring pH, EC, TDS, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen meters and testers - [e]

... manufactures various pH meters - [e]

United Kingdom

Digital Meters
Low cost pH meters - [e]

Endress + Hauser
... is a leading supplier of measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process engineering industry - [e]

... is a leading U.K company designing and manufacturing high quality scientific instrumentation - [e]

The Palintest Micro 500 pH Meter combines pH and temperature measurement with millivolt readout for oxidation-reduction potential and specific ion electrodes - [e]

European Union

Radiometer Analytical SAS
A complete range of meters for reliable pH, mV, Ion and Conductivity measurements. Hach - [e, f]


Turtle Tough
Turtle Tough pH & ORP sensors have been designed to work in the world’s most extreme liquid analysis applications - [e]


Shenzhen Kedida Co., Ltd.
... is professional manufacturer and exporter for various industry instruments and pH meters - [cn, e]


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