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Chemical reactions under the influence of light.

The photochemistry is the field of chemistry, which deals with the effect of electromagnetic radiation in the form of light or photons to chemical molecules, reactions or systems.

Photochemical reactions are common and are used not only in special chemical syntheses that run under the effect of light differently than, for example, the indexed by heat.

In nature, there are a number of light excited photochemical reactions such as photosynthesis, bioluminescence or photo degradation etc. Special herbal substances react only by exposure to light and thus develop their phototoxic potential.

On photochemical principles based the analogous photography. More recently, the photochemically active organic semiconductors are gaining in importance for various applications (organic light, solar cells, etc.).

The following directory lists online available information on photochemistry and photochemical reactions.

Content, Topics

Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Special Information
Tools for the practical work in labs; application notes
Compound Classes
Data and Databases
Software and Programs
Articles and Reports
Research facilities and departments

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Photochemistry of Alkenes - Format: PDF

Mechanistic Organic Photochemistry
Lecture notes. Columbia University, USA - Format: PDF

Microwave Photochemistry
Diploma thesis, 2002 - Format: PDF

Modern Molecular Photochemistry
Web course; lecture notes

Organic Photochemistry
Lecture notes. University of Regensburg - Format: PDF

Organic Photochemistry
Theoretical basics - Format: PDF

Organic Photochemistry
An introduction - Format: PDF

Photochemical Methods
eBook. Wiley - Format: PDF

Photochemical Reactions
... as Key steps in Organic Synthesis - Format: PDF

An introduction - Format: PDF

Lecture notes on photochemistry

Chemistry and Photochemistry Courses. Columbia University, USA

Photochemistry and Applications in Synthesis
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Photochemistry of Vision
A student presentation - Format: PDF

Photophysics and Photochemistry
... of Chemical and Biologically Relevant Systems: Mechanisms, Dynamics and Methodologies - Format: PDF

Physical Organic Photochemistry
. . . and Basic Photochemical Transformations - Format: PDF

Smog Photochemistry Modeling
Smog photochemistry and the chemical process that forms Smog

Spectroscopy and Photochemistry
Lecture notes: simplified concepts in spectroscopy and photochemistry - Format: PDF

Spectroscopy and Photochemistry I
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Spectroscopy and Photochemistry II
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Special Information

Holographic Photochemistry
A summary - Format: PDF

Snow Photochemistry
An overview of snow photochemistry: evidence, mechanisms and impacts - Format: PDF

Tools for the practical work in labs; application notes

Methods for the Analysis of Transient Absorbance Data
IUPAC Publications by the Commission on Photochemistry - Format: PDF

Compound Classes

Alkaloid Photochemistry
Notes and mechanisms - Format: PDF

Enone Photochemistry
Fundamentals and Applications - Format: PDF


Glossary of Terms Used in Photochemistry
IUPAC Publications by the Commission on Photochemistry - Format: PDF

Data and Databases

Photochemistry Database
... is to provide scientists with an easily accessible searchable on-line collection of recent literature in photochemistry and photobiology including related fields, such as organic and bioorganic optical spectroscopy, radiation chemistry, and radiation biology

Radiation Chemistry Data
... of the Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory is an information resource dedicated to the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of data characterizing the reactions of transient intermediates produced by radiation chemical and photochemical methods

Software and Programs

... is a photochemical grid model and is distributed by the Control Strategy Modeling Section - Format: PDF


Journal of Fluorescence
... is an international forum for peer-reviewed original articles that advance the practice of this established spectroscopic technique. Springer

Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology A: Chem
JPPA publishes Short Notes, Regular Articles and Invited Feature Articles on chemical phenomena induced by interactions between light and molecules/matter, of all kinds. Elsevier

Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology B: Biol
... provides a forum for the publication of papers relating to the various aspects of photobiology, as well as a means for communication in this multidisciplinary field. Elsevier

Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology C: Photochemistry Reviews
... provides a forum for mutual communication among scientists in various fields of photochemistry and aims to promote new interdisciplinary fields. Elsevier

Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences
PPS meets the growing information needs of scientists working in the areas of photochemistry and photobiology, and indeed, encourages a synergism between these two important research areas. This international journal is published monthly on behalf of the European Photochemistry Association (EPA), the European Society for Photobiology (ESP), the Asia and Oceania Society for Photobiology (AOSP) and the Korean Society of Photoscience (KSP), and is available in both print and electronic formats. RSC, UK

Photochemistry and Photobiology
... publishes original research articles and reviews on current topics in photoscience. Wiley, formerly Blackwell

Articles and Reports

Plugging in Molecular Wires
It's all in the wiring: biocomponents at the heart of an artificial photosystem

Research facilities and departments

Bowling Green, USA
Center for Photochemical Sciences. Bowling Green State University

Turro Group
Photochemistry Laboratory at Columbia University


American Society for Photobiology
The ASP promotes research in photobiology, integration of different photobiology disciplines, dissemination of photobiology knowledge, and provides information on photobiological aspects of national and international issues

European Photochemical Association
EPA was founded in 1970 with the aim of developing an organisation which would promote and encourage the development and growth of photochemistry on the European continent and facilitate contact between photochemists in universities, research centres and industry across international boundaries. University of Basel, Switzerland

European Society for Photobiology
The primary aims of the Society are to co-ordinate and promote all aspects of photobiology in Europe in a way which will optimise the achievements of European photobiology across a range of scientific, technological and medical arenas

European Society for Quantum Solar Energy Conversion
Founded in 1994 to advance basic research in quantum solar energy conversion (QUANTSOL). ESQSEC

Inter-American Photochemical Society
I-APS Who's Who in Photochemistry

International Solar Energy Society
ISES is a non-profit global NGO relying on personal and corporate memberships and donations/grants to do its work


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