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Organic Semiconductors

Semiconducting properties of some organic substances


Organic semiconductors are organic chemical substances with semiconductor properties that are used in modern semiconductor components and thus in electronic devices. Typical fields of application include molecular electronics, organic electronics and the production of certain organic pigments, which act as intensive colorants due to their chromophoric systems.

Online available information resources about organic semiconductors. See also: supplier of organic semiconducting chemimals and materials.

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Current Articles

Synthesis of a Persistent Nonacene Derivative
UNH chemists create molecule with promising semiconductor properties

What are organic semiconductors
An introduction

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors
Article, 2012 - Format: PDF

Organic Electronic Devices
Fundamentals, applications, and novel concepts. Dissertation, 2013 - Format: PDF

Organic Semiconductors
Basic information and history. University of Tübingen - Format: PDF

Organic Semiconductors
Mini-course on fundamental electronic and optical properties of organic semiconductors, part 1 - Format: PDF

Organic Semiconductors
Various information materials

Organic Semiconductors
Lecture notes

Organic Semiconductors II
Mini-course on fundamental electronic and optical properties of organic semiconductors, part 2 - Format: PDF

The Electronic Structure of Organic Semiconductors
Comprehensive e-book - Format: PDF

Special Information

Molecular Doping of Organic Semiconductors
Constributions to its basic unterstanding and application. Dissertation, 2019 - Format: PDF

Molecular Organic Semiconductors
... for electronic devices. Dissertation, 2006. University of Groningen - Format: PDF

Ohmic Contacts
... for organic optoelectronic devices. Dissertation, 2020 - Format: PDF


International Journal of Organic Electronics
... focuses on novel organic materials and characterization of organic and nanoscale electronic devices

Journal of Organic Semiconductors
A multidisciplinary journal focusing on the development of organic semiconducting materials. Open access

Organic Electronics
... is a journal whose primary interdisciplinary focus is on materials and phenomena related to organic and hybrid organic-inorganic devices. Supports open access

Other Directories

Organic Semiconductor World
Online magazine in German - [d]


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