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Organic Semiconductors

Organic Semiconductivity

Organic semiconductors are organic chemical substances with semiconductor properties.

Online available information resources about organic semiconductors.

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Current Stories and Reports

Synthesis of a Persistent Nonacene Derivative
UNH chemists create molecule with promising semiconductor properties

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General Information

What are organic semiconductors
An introduction

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Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Organic Electronics
A future promise - Format: PDF

Organic Semiconductors
Basic information and pdf posters. University of Tübingen

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Special Information

Molecular Organic Semiconductors
... for electronic devices. Dissertation, 2006. University of Groningen

Ohmic Contacts to Organic Semiconductors
Article: how to make ohmic contacts to organic semiconductors - Format: PDF

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Other Directories

Organic Semiconductor World
All abaut organic semiconductors - Format: PDF

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Organic Semiconductors
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Thorsten U. Kampen

Low Molecular Weight Organic Semiconductors

This up-to-date reference for students as well as researchers in the field is the first systematic treatment on the property measurements of organic semiconductor materials. Following an introduction, the book goes on to treat the structural analysis of thin films and spectroscopy of electronic states. Subsequent sections deal with optical spectroscopy and charge transport.

An invaluable source for understanding, handling and applying this key type of material for physicists, materials scientists, graduate students, and analytical laboratories.

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