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Chemistry Central Journal

Current research articles..

The Chemistry Central Journal is a research journal with open access (OA). The journal publishes peer-reviewed contributions from all areas of chemistry and is divided into eight main sections: organic, inorganic, physical, biological and analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, materials and polymers as well as food science.

All articles published here are permanently accessible - free of charge and without registration.

The publisher is BioMed Central. The copyright and publishing rights of specialized products listed below are in this publishing house. This is also responsible for the content shown.

To search this web page for specific words type "Ctrl" + "F" on your keyboard (Command + "F" on a Mac). Then: type the word you are searching for in the window that pops up!

Additional research articles in the field of general chemistry, see Current Chemistry Research Articles. Magazines with similar content:

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 - Chemical Communications, ChemComm,

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Chemistry Central Journal - Abstracts

Anthraquinonyl glycoside facilitates the standardization of graphene electrodes for the impedance detection of lectins

Construction of electrochemical impedance sensors by the self-assembly technique has become a promising strategy for the `label-free' detection of protein-ligand interactions. However, previous impedance senso...
Datum: 25.11.2014

Transformation of PVP coated silver nanoparticles in a simulated wastewater treatment process and the effect on microbial communities

Manufactured silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are one of the most commonly used nanomaterials in consumer goods and consequently their concentrations in wastewater and hence wastewater treatment plants are predict...
Datum: 04.03.2013

TiO2-graphene oxide nanocomposite as advanced photocatalytic materials

Graphene oxide composites with photocatalysts may exhibit better properties than pure photocatalysts via improvement of their textural and electronic properties.
Datum: 27.02.2013

Cacao seeds are a "Super Fruit": A comparative analysis of various fruit powders and products

Numerous popular media sources have developed lists of "Super Foods" and, more recently, "Super Fruits". Such distinctions often are based on the antioxidant capacity and content of naturally occurring compoun...
Datum: 07.02.2011

Chemistry in Second Life

This review will focus on the current level on chemistry research, education, and visualization possible within the multi-user virtual environment of Second Life. We discuss how Second Life has been used as a ...
Datum: 23.10.2009


Category: Current Chemistry Research

Last update: 28.03.2018.

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