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BMC Structural Biology

Current research reports and chronological list of recent articles..

The international scientific publication BMC Structural Biology is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in investigations into the structure of biological macromolecules, including solving structures, structural and functional analyses, and computational modeling.

The publisher is the BioMed Central. The copyright and publishing rights of specialized products listed below are in this publishing house. This is also responsible for the content shown.

To search this web page for specific words type "Ctrl" + "F" on your keyboard (Command + "F" on a Mac). Then: type the word you are searching for in the window that pops up!

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 - Biomacromolecules.

BMC Structural Biology - Abstracts

Characterization of putative proteins encoded by variable ORFs in white spot syndrome virus genome

White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) is an enveloped double-stranded DNA virus which causes mortality of several species of shrimp, being considered one of the main pathogens that affects global shrimp farming. Th...
Datum: 18.04.2019

Correction to: Classification of the human THAP protein family identifies an evolutionarily conserved coiled coil region

Datum: 29.03.2019

Effect of low complexity regions within the PvMSP3α block II on the tertiary structure of the protein and implications to immune escape mechanisms

Plasmodium vivax merozoite surface protein 3α (PvMSP3α) is a promising vaccine candidate which has shown strong association with immunogenicity and protectiveness. Its use is however complicated by evolutionary p...
Datum: 27.03.2019

QRNAS: software tool for refinement of nucleic acid structures

Computational models of RNA 3D structure often present various inaccuracies caused by simplifications used in structure prediction methods, such as template-based modeling or coarse-grained simulations. To obt...
Datum: 21.03.2019

Classification of the human THAP protein family identifies an evolutionarily conserved coiled coil region

The THAP (Thanatos Associated Proteins) protein family in humans is implicated in various important cellular processes like epigenetic regulation, maintenance of pluripotency, transposition and disorders like ...
Datum: 05.03.2019


Category: Current Chemistry Research

Last update: 28.03.2018.

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