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Manufacturers of vials, glass vials, laboratory glassware.


Sample bottles are used to collect and store chemical, biological and other samples to be sent to an investigation or to be archived.

Various types of containers are available on the market for samples - aligned to the respective requirements. Standard versions are made of laboratory glass or plastic with appropriate closures. Others are made of special materials to prevent the sample properties. Special closures prevent leakage. The reference source for vials is mainly the laboratory trade.

Below is a list of manufacturers and suppliers of sample bottles for chemical, environmental, biological, medical and other purposes.

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International Manufacturers and Suppliers

Vials for chromatography

Vials made of glass, made of polymer, and polymer protected vials

Wide selection, lower prices, hundreds of autosampler and general purpose vials, septa selection guide, vial accessories, cross-reference tables, and autosampler selection guide

ThermoFisher Scientific
Crimp Neck Vials, Screw Neck Vials, Short Thread Vials, Snap Ring Vials, Snap Cap Vials, Shell Vials


Bischoff Chromatography
Sample bottles in various designs and for a wide variety of applications

Carl Roth
Sample bottles and devices for sampling liquids

Chromatographie Handel Müller
Sample bottles and caps for GC and HPLC - [Fridolfing]

Fisher Scientific
Crimp neck bottles, screw neck bottles, short thread bottles, snap ring bottles, snap cap bottles, flat bottom glasses, sample glasses

La-Pha-Pack GmbH
Large assortment of different sample bottles

Martechnic GmbH
... provides a large selection of sample bottles from 100 ml to 5 liters - [Hamburg]

Rotert GmbH & Co. KG
Commercial buyers will find a wide range of sample bottles and other bottles for industrial use here - [Osnabrück]

VDS optilab
HPLC sample bottles and others - [Berlin]

United States of America, USA

Pacific Vial
... is a leading manufacturer of screw thread glass vials, serum glass vials, capsule glass vials, colored glass vials, display glass vials, shell glass vials, pipettes and perfume samplers

SKS Science Products
... provides a variety of glass laboratory vials for a diverse lab environment. Glass vials can be perfect for storing specimens and measuring samples, and glass laboratory vials with droppers allow for more controlled sample dispensing

Specialty Bottle
... is a national supplier of glass, plastic and metal containers

Sample vials and plates for the chromatography


Medlife Service und HandelsgmbH
Sample tubes with anticoagulant EDTA; vials in various designs


Infochroma AG
Sample storage bottles, vials and caps, special accessories

Milian International
Screw cap sample bottles, caps and kits


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