Vacuum Pumps

Supplier and manufacturers of vacuum pumps.

A vaccum pump is a technical device to remove air and gases from a sealed volume.

List of manufacturers and suppliers of vacuum pumps for use in laboratories, research and industry.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
European Union

International manufacturer and supplier

Alcatel Vacuum Technology, world leader in vacuum pumps and leak detectors - [e]

Becker GmbH
... is a global leading manufacturer of vacuum and pneumatic equipment - [d, e, f, it]

High-Capacity Vacuum/Pressure Pumps - [e]

... a global leader in industrial vacuum technology and with innovative solutions improve the productivity and working environment of vacuum users around the world - [e]

... a worldwide supplier of total vacuum solutions, aimed at specific applications and market requirements - [e]


Vacuum pumps and systems - [d, e]

Vacuum pumps and compresors - [d, e]

... develops, constructs and distributes attractive market- and future adapted diaphragm- and pistonpumps for haulage, reserve pumping, compression and evacuation of gases - [d, e]

Ilmvac GmbH
Customized special vacuum systems as well as to the wide range of serial produced pumps and components - [d, e]

KNF Neuberger
Membranpumpen und Systeme für Luft, Gase, Dämpfe und Flüssigkeiten - [d, e]

Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG
Vacuum technology solution for every customer and every application - [d, e]

Trinos Vacuum Systems Inc.
... is a German manufacturer and distributor of high-vacuum compoments - [d, e]

Technology for Vacuum Systems - [d, e]

Watson-Marlow GmbH
... löst Probleme beim pumpen in jeder Industrie, beginnend mit der Biotechnologie und Pharmazeutik, Brauereien und Lebensmittel über Keramik bis hin zu Wasser und Abwasser - [d, e]

United States of America, USA

Air Dimensions Incorporated
High Quality Diaphragm Pumps - [e]

Vacuum pumps and compressors - [e]

Ebara Technologies
... is a world leader in the design and manufacture of "dry" mechanical pumps - [e]

Edwards Vacuum
A complete range of high capacity vacuum products for the most demanding applications - [e]

Gardner Denver Thomas
Pump and Compressor Solutions for OEMs Worldwide - [e]

Vaccon Company, Inc.
All Vaccon pumps are designed to operate in adverse conditions without filters and never lose suction. Their simple, no-moving-parts design means they never wear out, never clog, and their completely maintenance-free operation provides high productivity - [e]

Vacuum Industrial Products, Inc.
Specializing in Kinney Vacuum Equipment - [e]

... is the world leader in peristaltic hose pumps and tube pumps - [e]

European Union

... designs, produces, and supports cutting-edge air technology for industrial applications worldwide. From centralized vacuum pumps systems to explosion-proof air compressors, Pneumofore delivers robust solutions for today's most demanding requirements - [e]


Vacuum pumps and systems - [d, f]

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers a wide range of advanced vacuum solutions for use in manufacturing and analytical processes, as well as for research purposes - [d, e]

Pumpen, Systeme, Projektierung, Anlagen, Service, Diagnostik - [d, e, f, i]


HangZhou Ever-Power Vacuum Pumps Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of vacuum pumps of spiral slice type, rotary piston vacuum pumps, roots vacuum pumps, gas-cooling roots vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, water ring vacuum pumps - [cn, e]


Garuda Vacuum Pump
Water-ring Vacuum Pumps/Compressors, Tri Disc Refiners, Twin Lobe Blowers and Oil Seal Rotary High Vacuum Pumps - [e]


Rotant vacuum pumps - [d, e, es, f, it]


Anest Iwata Corporation
... is a manufacturer specializing in painting equipment, painting systems, air compressors and vacuum pumps - [jp, e, cn]

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