Toxins - Suppliers

Toxins - Producers and Suppliers

Toxins are poisonous chemical mixtures or substances produced by animals, plants or microrganisms.

List of producers and suppliers of natural occuring toxins.


United States of America, USA


Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch e.K.
... verfügt über ein breites, sich ständig erweiterndes Produktspektrum, das die Kernbereiche Fermentationsprodukte, Phytochemikalien, Pharmarohstoffe, Enzyme, Tiergifte, Metalle und Metallsalzlösungen umfasst - [d, e]

United States of America, USA

Spider Pharm Inc.
... is a small, family-owned business, with nearly 30 years of experience in the production of venoms from a wide range of spiders and other arthropods for use in research - [e]

Spider Pharm's Online Catalog
Fine arachnologicals, venoms and more - [e]

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