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Thermal Analysis

Suppliers and manufacturers of devices and services for thermal analysis.


The thermal analysis uses several physical methods to study the temperature-dependent properties of materials.

List of manufacturers of equipment for thermal analysis and thermal analysis services.

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International Manufacturers and Suppliers

International Confederation for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
ICTAC has the aim of promoting international understanding and cooperation in these branches of science through activities within ist Scientific Committees, congresses to exchange information, and coordinating efforts towards standardization and nomenclature

Mettler Toledo
More than 40 years of experience in thermal analysis

Netzsch Thermal Analysis
Leading worldwide in thermal analysis, thermophysical properties measurement, and contract testing

A global supplier of solutions in thermal analysis and calorimetry, a domain of increasing importance for scientists in academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, oil and gas, nuclear, process safety and advanced materials

Thermal analysis instruments; differential thermal analyzer; thermal analysis sample cells

TA Instruments
... is the world leader in thermal analysis and rheometer systems. Q series™ thermal analysis


Gesellschaft für Thermische Analyse e.V.
GEFTA would like to maintain and improve the exchange of experience and information between specialists who work in the field of thermal analysis and calorimetry

Linseis International
... manufactures and distributes a variety of thermal analysis products

Mettler Toledo
Thermal analysis equipment: Thermal analysis Excellence series; Differential thermal analysis

Vacuum density sampling devices and thermal analysis systems for aluminum melt testing and the COGAS core gas determination systems

NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH
... offers you a wide range of products for thermal analysis for the characterization of raw materials and finished products in the field of research, development and quality assurance

TA Instruments
... supplies the largest selection of dilatometers and devices for measuring thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity

wsk Messgeräte
Thermal analysis in development and application for more than 20 years

Service: Thermal analysis coupled with mass spectroscopy

United States of America, USA

North American Thermal Analysis Society
NATAS is dedicated to promoting the understanding and advancement of thermal analysis


AKTS advanced thermal analysis software
AKTS-Thermokinetics software, your specialist in solid state kinetic analysis and thermal stability of materials. DSC, DTA, TGA, EGA, (TG-MS, TG-FTIR), TMA

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Thermoanalyse & Kalorimetrie
Promotion of scientific and technological knowledge in the fields of thermodynamics, calorimetry and chemical thermodynamics

Systag, System Technik AG
... the leading manufacturer for the chemical process development laboratory


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