Textile Chemicals

Textile Chemicals and Textile Industry.

Textile chemistry is a branch of chemistry and a highly spezialized field that applies the baisc principles of chemistry to the understanding of textiles and textile materials and to their functional and esthetic modification into useful and desirable items.

The chemical industry produces a range of chemicals and products that facilitate the processing of natural and synthetic fibers, the production and the durability, the crease of textiles and improve. These include all forms of chemical textile goods, but also impregnation agents, dyes, coatings, finishing agents and detergents. General differentiated are inorganic and organic textile chemicals.

Some of these substances can have adverse health effects. Many textile manufacturers and the producers of textile chemicals are currently looking to protect their customers, where they replace or banish harmful substances in textile production.

The following list captures with manufacturers and suppliers of tools and chemicals for the textile industry.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
United Kingdom
European Union

International manufacturer and supplier

The Chemical Company - [d, e]

Bayer MaterialScience AG
... is one of the world’s largest producers of polymers and high-performance plastics: coatings, adhesives and sealants, thermoplastic polyurethanes - [d, e]

Textile, Leather & Paper Chemicals - [e]

Dow Chemical Company
... offers pioneering innovations, differentiated fibers and world class polymer and material science for the global textile industry - [e]

Dow Corning Corporation
Textile chemicals - [e]

Huntsman International LLC
... is a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals. Its operating companies manufacture products for a variety of global industries, including chemicals, plastics, automotive, aviation, textiles, footwear, paints and coatings, construction, technology, agriculture, health care, detergent, personal care, furniture, appliances and packaging - [e]

Munzing is the oldest additive company, with a long-standing quality reputation. Leather Auxiliaries - [e]

Textile finishing; leather finishing; fiber finishing; technical textiles; chemicals - [d, e, cn]


Albon Chemie
Schlichtemittel und Schlichtemittel-Zusätze; Binde- und Verdickungsmittel; Wasch- und Reinigunsmittel; Färbereihilfsmittel - [d, e]

Bozzetto GmbH
Chemische Erzeugnisse für die Textilindustrie - [d, e]

BÜFA Reinigungssysteme
Reinigungs-, Pflege- und Desinfektionsprodukte für Oberflächen und Textilien - [d, e]

Carpetex GmbH
Lederhilfsmittel - [d, e, f]

Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH
... ist spezialisiert auf Waschmittel, Reinigungsmittel und Textilausrüstungsmittel für die professionelle Textilreinigung mit den Bereichen Wäscherei, Textilreinigung und Nassreinigung - [d, e, es, f, ru, ...]

CHT Bezema
Silikone für Textilhilfsmittel - [d, e, …]

CHT R. Beitlich GmbH
Chemikalien und Hilfsmittel für die textilverarbeitenden Industrie - [d, e]

Clariant Deutschland
Textil-Chemikalien, Leder-Chemikalien und Papier-Chemikalien - [d]

Cognis GmbH
jetzt: BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH in Düsseldorf - [e]

Graf & Co. GmbH
Chemische Produkte für die Textil- und Lederindustrie sowie für den Einsatz in der bauchemischen Industrie - [d, e]

Impocolor Chemiegesellschaft mbH
... ist auf dem Gebiet der Farbstoffe, optischen Aufheller und Textilhilfsmittel tätig - [d, e]

Kapp-Chemie GmbH
... entwickelt, produziert und vertreibt chemische Spezialprodukte für die Papier- und Textilindustrie - [d, e]

Kaptol Chemie GmbH
Formaldehydfreie Co-Fixierer - [d, e]

Langro-Chemie Theo Lang GmbH
Entwicklung, Herstellung und Vertrieb von chemischen Produkten für die Lederzurichtung - [d, e]

Leuna-Tenside GmbH
Textil-, Leder- und Gerbereihilfsmittel - [d, e]

Oerlikon Barmag
Maschinenbauunternehmen innerhalb der Chemiefaserindustrie. Fertigung der zugehörigen Komponenten für die Produktion von Chemiefasern wie Extruder, Spulköpfe, Pumpen und Galetten - [d, e, cn]

Flammschutzmittel; Appretur- und Beschichtungsmittel; Hydrophobiermittel; Entwicklung. Hannover - [d]

Polychemie Limbach GmbH
Umweltverträgliche Textil- und Lederhilfsmittel - [d, e]

Rudolf Group
Verschiedene Hilfsmittel für Textilien und Färberei - [d, e]

Schill + Seilacher Struktol
Produkte für den Einsatz in der Gummi- und Latexindustrie genauso wie in der Textil-, Papier- und Lederindustrie sowie in vielen anderen Industriezweigen - [d, e]

Süddeutsche Emulsions-Chemie GmbH
Spezialisten für wässerige Wachsadditive - [d, e]

Synthomer Gruppe
Weltweiter Lieferant von synthetischen Polymeren an zahlreiche Industriezweige von Farben und Klebstoffen bis zu Textilien, Spezialpapieren und Plastik - [d, e]

Textilchemie Dr. Petry GmbH
Chemische Hilfsmittel für die Textilindustrie - [d, e, es, f, it, cn]

Trumpler GmbH & Co. KG
Komplettes Spektrum an Wasserwerkstatt- und Nasszurichtprodukten und deckt somit alle Aspekte der Nassprozesse von der Rohhaut bis zum gefärbten Crust-Leder ab - [d, e]

Weserland GmbH
Von Vulkanisationssystemen bis Fertigcompounds, z.B. für die Teppichherstellung und Gummihaarpolster für die Automobilindustrie - [d, e]

Zschimmer & Schwarz
Herstellung von Hilfsmitteln für die Chemiefaser-, Keramik-, Leder- und Pelzindustrie und von Tensiden für die Kosmetik- und Reinigungsmittelindustrie - [d, e]

United States of America, USA

Lubrizol Corporation
... is a leading global producer of high performance polymers and specialty additives for paints, coatings and adhesives; graphic arts; textiles and specialty paper; and plastics - [e]

Omnova Solutions Inc.
... develops emulsion polymers and specialty chemicals for a vast number of end uses including coated paper, carpeting, disposable and durable nonwovens, textiles and in-mold coatings - [e]

United Kingdom

Pentagon Fine Chemicals
... is a leading UK based chemical manufacturer of organic intermediates for use in the life science, petrochemical, and speciality chemicals markets - [e]

Stephenson Group Limited
... produces and supplies chemicals to improve the processing of wool, cashmere, and other natural and synthetic fibres and to give added value to the finished knitted or woven fabric - [e]

European Union

Inotex spol. s r.o.
Auxiliary agents; textile auxiliary agents sybron; dyes for textile - Czech Republic [cz, d, e]


Glanzstoff Austria
... ist führend in der Produktion und Verarbeitung von hochwertigsten Viskosefilamentgarnen - [d, e, f, cz]


Benninger AG
... develops and manufactures textile finishing and cord production ranges as well as providing complete system solutions - [d, e, es, cn, tr, it, ru]

Bezema AG
... beliefert die Textilveredlungsindustrie mit qualitativ hochstehenden und innovativen Produkten - [d, e, f]

M. Dohmen S.A.
Textilfarbstoffe und -hilfsmittel - [d, e]

Textilcolor AG
Textilhilfsmittel und Farbstoffe - [d, e]


Sequestrants, thickeners and dispersants for water treatment, ceramics, detergents, cosmetics, textile, leather, concrete, drilling muds and many other applications - [e]

SNF Group
... is specialised in the manufacture of auxiliary products for the textile industry - [e, f, ru]


Fibro Organic Pvt. Ltd.
... one of the most dependable names in Textile Processing Chemicals - [e]

... offers textiles, construction, agriculture & industrial polymers/chemicals - [e]


Smit & Zoon
Leather chemicals - [e, nl]

... is a customer-focused company that specialises in providing high quality coatings for leather, flexible and non-flexible substrates, textiles and related products. Stahl also produces chemicals and dyes for the processing of leather - [e, es, cn]


The laboratory continues to be an active member of the protective chain, which aims to keep all the products and chemicals - [tr]

Orkim A.S., Turkey
Production and Distribution of Textile Auxiliaries, Dyestuff, and Industrial Cleaning Agents - [e]

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Book recommendation

A. K. Roy Choudhury

Textile Preparation And Dyeing

... deals with the classical processes for textile dyeing, as well as with preparation of the material before dyeing, and includes technological developments. This book discusses both theoretical and the practical aspects, in order to enable the students and the technicians to understand the processes.

Science Publishers; 2006

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