Mnufacturers and suppliers of superconducting materials and magnets.

Superconductivity is a physical phenomenon by which some substances - superconductors - suddenly lose all electrical resistance when their temperature is reduced.

Directory of manufacturers and suppliers of superconductiong materials and supersonductors.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
United Kingdom
European Union

International manufacturer and supplier

Bruker Advanced Supercon
... is a leading manufacturer and developer of a broad range of high-performance superconductor wire products and devices - [e]


Evico GmbH
... offers biaxially textured Ni-substrates for the 2nd generation of High-Temperature-Superconducting tapes via YBCO bulk superconductors in various shape and size to Maglev technology for non-contact machine bearings and clean transporting systems - [e]

Der Industrieverband Supraleitung strebt die Vernetzung mit anderen Interessengruppen und Verbänden an, die in einem ähnlichen Themenumfeld agieren - [d]

JC Müller
Supraleitende Magnete - [d, e]

LD Systeme AG & Co. KG
Supraleiter für Unterrichtszwecke - [d]

Lieferant von supraleitenden Magnetsystemen und Elektronikkomponenten, wie z.B. Magnetnetzteile, Heliumstandanzeigen und supraleitende Stromzuführungen. AMI bietet Ihnen neben Standardprodukten auch die Möglichkeit, umfangreiche Sonderanfertigungen zu realisieren - [d, e]

Theva Dünnschichttechnik GmbH
... ist ein extrem innovatives Hitech - Unternehmen und nimmt ein Schlüsselposition in der Supraleitungsindustrie ein - [d, e]

United States of America, USA

American Magnetics Inc.
AMI is an engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in superconducting magnet design and manufacturing - [e]

American Superconductor
AMSC is the world's principal vendor of high temperature superconductor (HTS) wire and large rotating superconductor machinery - [e]

Marketech International Inc.
... offers the widest range of products for the high temperature superconductor field. These range from basic HTSc raw materials, substrates, powders, targets, as well as finished parts that include current leads, shields, tubes, and thin films - [e]

SCI Engineered Materials, Inc.
Superconductors and superconductivity demonstration kits - [e]

Superconductor Technologies Inc.
The global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing superconducting products for wireless networks - [e]

United Kingdom

Cryogenic Ltd.
... is renowned in low temperature research and material science laboratories world-wide for delivering high quality measurement systems and providing the highest magnetic fields and lower temperatures - [e]

Oxford Instruments
Superconducting Wires - [e]

European Union

Can Superconductors
High temperature superconductors for practical applications. Czech Republic - [e]

Superior wires and cables for challenging applications. Finland - [e]


Marti-Supratec AG
Magnet-, Supraleiter- und Kryotechnik - [d]


ASG Superconductors
... is a dynamic business reality and a leading player on the international market for the design and construction of magnets used in high energy physics and thermonuclear fusion applications - [e]

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Charles P. Poole, Horacio A. Farach, Richard J. Creswick, Ruslan Prozorov


Superconductivity, 2E is an encyclopedic treatment of all aspects of the subject, from classic materials to fullerenes. Emphasis is on balanced coverage, with a comprehensive reference list and significant graphicsfrom all areas of the published literature. Widely used theoretical approaches are explained in detail. Topics of special interest include high temperature superconductors, spectroscopy, critical states, transport properties, and tunneling.

Academic Press; 2007

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