Rotary Evaporators

Manufacturers and suppliers ofvacuum rotary evaporators.

Rotary evaporators (rotavap) are laboratory devices for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation under normal or under reduced pressure.

List of manufacturers and suppliers of rotary evaporators for the use in laboratories.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA

International manufacturer and supplier

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
... is a leading world-wide supplier in key technologies such as evaporation and separation for research laboratories as well as near infrared spectroscopy and distillation and extraction for quality control purposes - [e]

Rotary Evaporator Systems for collection of samples and other rotary evaporator equipment - [d, e]


Genser Scientific Instruments
... stellt Vollautomatisierte technische Rotationsverdampfer, prozessüberwachte technische Rotationsverdampfer, Labor-Rotationsverdampfer sowie Rotationsverdampfer Versorgungs-Module (Vakuumpumpen, Vakuumregler, Umlaufkühler) her - [d, e]

Heidolph Instruments
... bietet ein einzigartiges modulares System bestehend aus Rotationsverdampfer, Vakuumtechnik und Umlaufkühler - [d, e]

Hersteller von Rotationsverdampfer-Systemen - [d, e]

Rorationsverdampfer für die Verwendung in Produktion und in Technika; ausschließliche Verwendung von Borosilicatglas 3.3 und anderer hochkorrosionsfester Teile - [d, e]

Rotationsverdampfer und Vakuumtechnik; vorher: Ilmvac - [d, e, cn, ru]

United States of America, USA

Ace Glass
... offers rotavap glassware - [e]

Eyela USA
Rotary Evaporators and equipment for different applications - [e]

Gardner Denver - Welch Vacuum
See: model selector table - [e]

Kimble Chase Life Science and Research Products LLC
Glasware and components for rotavaps - [e]


GIG Karasek GmbH
Eindampftechnologie für industrielle Anwendungen - [d, e, cn]


Shenshun Science & Technology Co., Ltd
Rotary Evaporator Series 1 - 50 l - [e, cn]

Wenzhou Taikang Evaporator Ltd.
Production of various types of evaporators - [e, cn]


Goel Scientific Glassware Pvt. Ltd.
Industrial glassware: rotary film evaporators; jumbo rotary film evaporator - [e]


Eyela Tokyo Rikakikai Co., Ltd.
Rotary Evaporators and equipment for different applications - [e, jp, cn]

Yamato Scientific. Co., Ltd.
... offers rotary evaporators which have heightened further operability by adopting variable rotary joint, pulling-out device for evaporating flask, etc - [e, cn, jp]

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