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Pilot Plants

Chemical Pilot Plants.


A pilot plant is a small chemical processing system used to get information about the behavior of a system for the use in industrial chemical plants.

List of suppliers - chemical pilot plants.

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International Manufacturers and Suppliers

Intertek Group, Plc
... is a leading provider of laboratory testing, research, inspection and consulting services for global industry, markets and institutions - [e]

Pall Services for Fuel and Chemical Industries
To control expenses and increase productivity, your system must run at maximum efficiency. Pall provides a range of services that can help your system reach and maintain peak performance - [e]


Cetec - Chemical Equipment and Technology GMBH
Planning, production, assembly and commissioning of chemical apparatus and systems in the size of approx. 10 to 1,000 liters. Volume of work - [d, e]

De.EnCon GmbH
Plant construction, process optimization - [d]

Trial and pilot systems for safe scale-up - [d, e]

EPC Engineering Consulting GmbH
... specializes in the development of innovative, efficient and high-quality processes and systems - [d, e, ru]

HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group
Oriented towards the development, manufacture, sales and comprehensive service of components and complete systems in the field of process equipment and systems for solid-liquid separation - [d, e]

facilities for product, process and application-related issues relating to ion exchangers and adsorbers - [d, e]

Steinbeis 2i GmbH
Various pilot plants for chemical-physical and biological wastewater treatment are available for carrying out continuous tests and the temporary treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater - [d]

Pilot systems for process development and optimization, sample production and product development - [d, e]

Pilot plants for thin film distillation and short path distillation - [d, e]

United States of America, USA

Applied Chemical Technology
ACT maintains laboratory and pilot plant facilities for use in all types of product and process development work. ACT pilot plants provide the best opportunity for developing and testing of new products and new processes - [e, es]

Envirogen Technologies Inc.
The Basin Water computer simulation software can predict with high accuracy effluent quality, waste volume, and contaminant breakthrough curves, all based on the specific water composition at the wellhead - [e]

Nucon International, Inc.
... specializes in high efficiency filtration process equipment, providing products and services ranging from laboratory studies to complete equipment installations - [e]


Microinnova Engineering GmbH
... develops chemical and procedural processes in microstructured devices. Process intensification can be achieved through the improved mass and heat transport - [d, e]


... is in business to provide state-of-the-art lab scale reactor systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and small scale commercial plants as well as unequalled design/build know-how in scale-up of technologies plants for the process industries worldwide - [e]


Carya Automatisering
... is active in the area of automation of test- & measurement equipment and pilot plants - [e, nl]


Process Integral Development Eng&Tech, S.L.
Lab-scale Pilot Plants - [e]


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