Pilot Plants

Chemical Pilot Plants.

A pilot plant is a small chemical processing system used to get information about the behavior of a system for the use in industrial chemical plants.

List of suppliers - chemical pilot plants


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA

International manufacturer and supplier

Bayer Technology Services
Technical Service Centers & Pilot Plants for Product Development and Production of Test and Sample Quantities - [d, e]

Intertek Group, Plc
... is a leading provider of laboratory testing, research, inspection and consulting services for global industry, markets and institutions - [e]

Pall Services for Fuel and Chemical Industries
To control expenses and increase productivity, your system must run at maximum efficiency. Pall provides a range of services that can help your system reach and maintain peak performance - [e]


Bayer Technology Services
Technika & Pilotanlagen zur Produktentwicklung und Erstellung von Test- und Mustermengen - [d, e]

Cetec - Chemical Equipment and Technology GMBH
Planung, Fertigung, Montage und Inbetriebnahme von Chemie-Apparaten u. - Anlagen in der Größe von ca. 10 bis 1.000 ltr. Arbeitsvolumen - [d, e]

De.EnCon GmbH
Anlagenbau, Prozessoptimierung - [d]

EPC Engineering Consulting GmbH
... ist spezialisiert auf die Entwicklung innovativer, effizienter und qualitätsgerechter Verfahren und Anlagen - [d, e, ru]

HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group
Ausgerichtet auf die Entwicklung, Herstellung, den Vertrieb und umfassenden Service von Komponenten und Gesamtsystemen im Bereich von Prozessapparaten und -anlagen für die Fest-Flüssig-Trennung - [d, e]

Weiterentwicklung, technische Umsetzung und Vertrieb in Versuchsanlagen für produkt-, verfahrens- und anwendungstechnische Fragestellungen zu Ionenaustauschern und Adsorbern - [d, e]

STZ Meschede
Für die Durchführung von kontinuierlichen Versuchen und die temporäre Behandlung von industriellem und kommunalem Abwasser stehen verschiedene Pilotanlagen zur chemisch-physikalischen und biologischen Abwasserbehandlung zur Verfügung - [d]

United States of America, USA

Applied Chemical Technology
ACT maintains laboratory and pilot plant facilities for use in all types of product and process development work. ACT pilot plants provide the best opportunity for developing and testing of new products and new processes - [e, es]

Envirogen Technologies Inc.
The Basin Water computer simulation software can predict with high accuracy effluent quality, waste volume, and contaminant breakthrough curves, all based on the specific water composition at the wellhead - [e]

Nucon International, Inc.
... specializes in high efficiency filtration process equipment, providing products and services ranging from laboratory studies to complete equipment installations - [e]


Microinnova Engineering GmbH
... entwickelt chemische und verfahrens-technische Prozesse in mikrostrukturierten Apparaten. Dabei kann durch den verbesserten Stoff- und Wärmetransport eine Prozessintensivierung erreicht werden - [d, e]


... is in business to provide state-of-the-art lab scale reactor systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and small scale commercial plants as well as unequalled design/build know-how in scale-up of technologies plants for the process industries worldwide - [e]


Carya Automatisering
... is active in the area of automation of test- & measurement equipment and pilot plants - [e, nl]


Process Integral Development Eng&Tech, S.L.
Lab-scale Pilot Plants - [e]

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Gavin Towler, R K Sinnott

Chemical Engineering Design

For a holistic view of chemical engineering design, this book provides as much, if not more, than any other book available on the topic.

Chemical Engineering Design is a complete course text for students of chemical engineering. Written for the Senior Design Course, and also suitable for introduction to chemical engineering courses, it covers the basics of unit operations and the latest aspects of process design, equipment selection, plant and operating economics, safety and loss prevention.

It is a textbook that students will want to keep through their undergraduate education and on into their professional lives.

Butterworth-Heinemann; 2012

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