Manufacturers and suppliers of photometers and spectrophotometers.

In the chemical laboratory, photometers are technical devices that are used by special optical methods to determine the contents and concentrations of various substances. Photometry is, in this sense, a method of analytical chemistry to identify substances and their amounts. As a rule, the measurement is carried out over color graduations which are measured photometrically and converted accordingly.

In the following overview, you will find a list of manufacturers and suppliers of photometers for various applications in industry, research and laboratories. Another source is the Laboratory Trade.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
United Kingdom

International manufacturer and supplier

Cole Parmer
Dual-Channel Flame Photometer; Single-Channel Flame Photometer - [e]


Agilent Technologies
Marktführer im Bereich Life Science und Instrumentelle Analytik - [d, e]

Analytik Jena
Reader and Bio-Photometer - [d, e]

Analytische Systeme und Componenten GmbH - [d]

Anthos Mikrosysteme
Photometer, Spektophotometer, Luminometer und Wascher - [d, e]

Hach Lange GmbH
... liefert praxisgerechte Lösungen mit modernster Technik für Abwasser, Trinkwasser und Prozesswasser - [d, e]

UV - VIS - NIR Photometer - [d, e]

Merck KGaA
Spectroquant® - Photometer - [d, e]

Mikrotek Laborsysteme GmbH
Luminometer, Fluorometer and AbsorbanceReader, Automated Liquid Handling devices and Host-, LIMS-Systems - [d, e]

Pier-Electronic GmbH developes and manufactures photo-electronic measurement devices
The system operates at wavelengths ranges of 200 - 4700 nm based on an alternating light process, which is defined by a particularly high constancy over time. As a result, many interference factors have only a negligently small amount of influence - [d]

Trilogica GmbH - Thermische Analyse und Rheologie
DSC, TGA, STA, DTA, TMA und DMA-Systeme; Viskosimeter und Rheometer; Systeme für die Prüfung von Kunststoffen und Elastomeren; UV-VIS Spektrophotometer - [d, e]

Weltweit führend in der Messtechnik zur Wasser-Analyse - [d, e]

United States of America, USA

Angstrom Advanced Inc.
Spectrophotometers - [e]

Hanna Instruments
Laboratory photometers and more … - [e]

United Kingdom

Burkard Scientific
Flame Photometers - [e]

Life Science and Environmental Spectrophotometers, Flame Photometers - [e]

Sherwood Scientific Ltd.
Flame Photometers - [e]


Die breite Produktpalette an Laborgeräten umfaßt unter anderem Geräte für Mikrotiterplatten, wie Photometer, Fluorometer und Washer, UV/VIS Spektralphotometer, Sterilwerkbänke, Thermocycler und Elektrophoresegeräte - [d]


Sigrist-Photometer AG
Supplier of process photometers - [d, e]

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