pH Measurement

Manufacturers and suppliers of unstruments for the pH value measurement (pH meters, pH electrodes).

The pH value is an expression for the effective concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution - or for the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

Directory of manufacturers and suppliers of pH measurement devices and systems for the use in laboratories, research, industry, home etc.


Measuring Instruments
International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
United Kingdom
European Union

Measuring Instruments

pH-Wert Messgeräte
Übersicht über einige pH-Meter für verschiedene Anwendungen in Labor, Umwelt, Betrieb - [d]

International manufacturer and supplier

Benchtop pH Meters - [d, e, es, f]

pH Control; pH Electrodes; pH Meters; pH Test Strips - [d, e]

Eutech Instruments / Thermo Scientific
... offers a wide range of pH meters that measure pH values in various educational, laboratory and industrial applications - [e]

Meters for pH, ion concentrations and conductivity. The web site shows you how to find the right electrode, pH meter and accessories for your application - [e]

Mettler Toledo
pH Instruments - [e]


Herstellung hochgenauer, portabler Messgeräte für Temperatur, Druck, Feuchte, pH-Wert, Öl, Salz sowie alle physikalischen Größen - [d, e, f, cn, ...]

pH- und Redox-Elektroden, Leitfähigkeitsmesszellen, Mess- und Regelgeräte für pH und Redox, Leitfähigkeit, Reinstwasser und Sauerstoff, Sensoren, Armaturen für Messwertaufnehmer - [d, e]

Kuntze GmbH
... entwickelt seit mehr als 60 Jahren Mess- und Regeltechnik für die online Analyse wässriger Lösungen - [d, e]

LHG - Laborgeräte Handelsgesellschaft mbH
pH-Meter - [d]

SI Analytics GmbH
Applikationsorientierte und perfekt abgestimmte pH-Elektroden - [d, e]

Testo AG
Einhand pH/°C-Messgeräte; Gerätesets - [d]

United States of America, USA

Hach pH meter, electrode, and kit solutions - [e]

pH and Redox electrodes with glass or epoxy shafts - [e]

Harvard Apparatus
Portable pH meters - [e]

HM Digital
… makes pH, conductivity and ORP meter that are very accurate, reliable, super easy to use, and offer the best value - [e]

Milwaukee Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturers of quality instruments for measuring pH, EC, TDS, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen meters and testers - [e]

Nova Analytics Corporation: portable pH meters - [e]

pH Meters - [e]

Weiss Research, Inc.
... your high quality, inexpensive laboratory and industrial processing pH, ORP (Redox), Ion-Selective electrode (ISE) Headquarters - [e]

United Kingdom

Digital Meters
Low cost pH meters - [e]

... is a leading supplier of measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process engineering industry - [e]

... is a leading U.K company designing and manufacturing high quality scientific instrumentation - [e]

The Palintest Micro 500 pH Meter combines pH and temperature measurement with millivolt readout for oxidation-reduction potential and specific ion electrodes - [e]

European Union

Radiometer Analytical SAS
A complete range of meters for reliable pH, mV, Ion and Conductivity measurements - [e, f]


Shenzhen Kedida Co., Ltd.
... is professional manufacturer and exporter for various industry instruments and pH meters - [cn, e]

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Book recommendation

Günther Meinrath, Petra Schneider

Metrology from pH Measurement to Nuclear Waste Disposal

Metrological concepts like traceability or measurement uncertainty form important parts of international treaties and normative documents. Their applications e.g. in chemical or food analysis or in environmental monitoring are entering our daily life. The development of those concepts has been driven by demand on a world-wide scale from trade, industry and the legal systems. In the future, no chemist, geochemist, chemical , civil or environmental engineer and no other specialist dealing with chemical measurement data, and no decision maker, neither in trade and industry, in public or medical services, in the political and diplomatic arenas or in academic research can afford not to become acquainted with metrology, its concepts and impact.

This book provides a basic overview over the relevant metrological concepts like traceability, ISO uncertainties or cause-and-effect diagrams. The applications described in great detail range from progression-of-error type evaluation of the measurement uncertainty budget to complex applications like pH measurement or speciation calculations for aqueous solutions. The consequences of a measurement uncertainty concept for chemical data are outlined for geochemical modeling applied to transport in the subsurface and to nuclear waste disposal. Special sections deal with the deficits of existing thermodynamic data for these applications and with the current position of chemical metrology in respect to other quality assurance measures, e.g. ISO 900x, GLP, European and U.S.-American standards. The CD-ROM accompanying the book provides two illustrative programmes (for IBM PCs and derivatives; with manuals and example data sets) and important official documents and guides in PDF format.

Springer; 2007

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