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Polymerase chain reaction

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR systems, services)

Polymerase Chain Reaction, PCR, is a scientific technique used in molecular biology to amplify specific regions of a DNA strand (the DNA target).

List of manufacturers of PCR systems and suppliers of PCR services.

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International Manufacturers and Suppliers
United States of America, USA
United Kingdom
European Union

International Manufacturers and Suppliers

... offers custom and pre-designed real-time PCR Primers - [e]

Biosearch Technologies
Animal and plant genotyping assays. Agriculture PCR assays - [d, e]

Fisher Scientific
Various products and devices for PCR - [e]

Real-Time-PCR- und RT-PCR-Portfolio - [e]

High performance real-time PCR with LightCycler Systems - [e]

... has developed a wide range of the highest-performing PCR enzymes and blends with optimized formulations to meet routine and challenging reaction conditions - from long and accurate PCR to fast PCR to inhibitor-resistant direct PCR - [e]


AlphaMetrix Biotech GmbH
High quality PCR consumables; PCR kits et al. - [d/e]

Analytik Jena
... offers high-performance PCR and highly efficient real-time PCR thermal cyclers for the amplification and quantification of nucleic acids - [d, e]

Axon Lab AG
PCR Consumables, PCR instrumentation - [d, e]

BIOTECON Diagnostics
Innovative PCR systems for the rapid detection of microbial contaminants and genetically modified organisms - [d, e]

SoftTubes & SoftStrips; PCR-Mikrotiterplatten und Zubehör; Realtime PCR Disposables; Hard-Shell Plates & Verschluss-Systeme - [d]

Chemagen Biopolymer-Technologie AG
PCR Product Purification Kits; now: Perkin Elmer - [e]

PCR tubes, plates and closure systems - [e]

Eurofins Genomics
PCR primers, accessories - [d]

Pika Weihenstephan GmbH
Storage-stable and application-safe PCR analysis ready-to-use for the microbiological routine laboratory - [d]

From endpoint PCR to quantitative real-time PCR and RT-PCR: Promega offers a complete portfolio of high-quality products to meet your amplification needs - [e]

United States of America, USA

PCR cloning, instruments, purification & separation, reagents, QPCR - [e]

Bionexus TaqMan® services Quantative PCR(QPCR) is a fast, reliable and accurate resulting of quantitatively measuring the distribution and expression of target DNA or RNA - [e]

CD Pcrtech
... can provide you with comprehensive PCR / qPCR services, including gene expression, mutagenesis, genotyping, methylation analysis and diagnostic testing - [e]

Creative Biogene
... offers a variety of real-time PCR products for your research - [e]

Gene Link
PCR Amplification & Analysis - [e]

GeneCopoeia, Inc.
Validated primers for gene and miRNA qPCR, pathway and disease gene qPCR arrays and robust qPCR assay kits - [e]

Precigenome LLC
... offers PCR Kits for Variants Detection and High sensitivity multiplex kits - [e]

Formerly: Clontech. PCR Kits and enzymes, PCR-select cDNA subtraction - [e]

United Kingdom

Cell Projects Ltd.
... produces a full range both 96 well PCR plates and cap strips for sealing the PCR plates - [e]

European Union

Real-Time PCR. Belgium - [e]


Last update: 16.10.2021.

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