NMR Spectrometers

Manufacturers and suppliers of instruments and equipment for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

The NMR Spectroscopy - nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy - is a physical technique for the structural determination of chemical compounds.

Below you will find an overview of manufacturers and suppliers of NMR spectrometers as well as accessories and services for NMR spectroscopy. Further - unspecified offers - can be found in the category spectrometers.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
United Kingdom

International manufacturer and supplier

... the leading innovators in NMR science and technology - [e]

... one of the world’s most comprehensive range of scientific instrumentation available under one brand - [e]

Bruker Biospin
... designs, manufactures and distributes enabling life science and analytical research instruments and solutions based on magnetic resonance core technology including NMR, preclinical MRI and EPR - [e]

Bruker Optics' minispec group
... provides award winning time-domain benchtop NMR instruments for dedicated applications in both QC and R&D - [e]

... offers NMR spectrometers ranging from 300MHz to 920MHz - [e]


Drusch NMR Gaussmeter sind aufgrund des verwendeten Prinzips der Kernspinresonanz die genausten am Markt erhältlichen Messgeräte zur Bestimmung von Magnetfeldern. Sie finden u.a. Verwendung in der Industrie, bei Experimenten der Teilchenphysik, zur Abbildung von Magnetfeldern in Kernspintomographen und zur Kalibrierung von Magneten - [d, e]

Jeol Deutschland
... bietet für jedes Kernresonanzspektroskopie-Labor die passende Ausrüstung. Die Feldstärken der supraleitenden Magneten reichen von 7.05 bis 21.6 T, entsprechend einer Protonen-Anregungsfrequenz von 300 bis 920 MHz - [d]

NMR Service
The company specializes in distribution, consulting, research, design and production of Magnetic Resonance instrumentation - [e]

United States of America, USA

Acorn NMR Inc.
... develops and markets NMR-related software for Windows and Macintosh - [e]

Anasazi Instruments
Manufacturer of the Eft line of 60 and 90MHz FT-NMR spectrometers - [e]

... manufactures NMR, NQR & MRI equipment including consoles, system upgrades, data acquisition systems and solid-state MAS probes - [e]

Triangle Analytical, Inc.
... is providing quality, reliable, honest service and support to the rapidly expanding NMR community - [e]

United Kingdom

... offering support with a select range of sample preparation equipment, accessories and consumables to users of XRF, ICP / AAS and NMR instruments - [e]

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Book recommendation

James Keeler

Understanding NMR Spectroscopy

This text is aimed at people who have some familiarity with high-resolution NMR and who wish to deepen their understanding of how NMR experiments actually ‘work’. This revised and updated edition takes the same approach as the highly-acclaimed first edition.

The text concentrates on the description of commonly-used experiments and explains in detail the theory behind how such experiments work. The quantum mechanical tools needed to analyse pulse sequences are introduced set by step, but the approach is relatively informal with the emphasis on obtaining a good understanding of how the experiments actually work. The use of two-colour printing and a new larger format improves the readability of the text.

Wiley; 2011

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