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Neurochemistry is a interdisciplinary branch between chemistry an neurosciences concerning to chemical aspects of the nervous system, structure and function and is devoted to the study of neurochemicals.

List of producers and suppliers of neurochemicals.

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... is specialised in Immunology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology and Radiochemistry, supplying biomedical and pharmaceutical research with a large range of antibodies, radiolabelled products, custom synthesis and antibody production services - [e]

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United States of America, USA

American Radiolabeled Chemicals, Inc.
More than 3,500 radiolabeled and unlabeled neurochemicals and biochemicals for life science research - [e]

Bioclone Inc.
Expression-ready-clone (for E. coli expression); Recombinant Protein (Expressed in E.coli): Neurotrophins & Neurochemicals - [e]

Cayman Chemical
... offers lipid neurotransmitters and neurochemicals - [e]

EMD Chemicals Inc.
Recombinant Proteins - Neurochemicals - [e]

LC Laboratories
Signal Transduction Reagents, Biochemicals, Neurochemicals, Kinase Inhibitors, Antibiotics, Kinase Activators, Soybean Isoflavones, Immunosuppressants - [e]

Research Organics, Inc.
... supplies a broad product line that includes biological buffers, reagent biochemicals, molecular biology grade products, enzyme substrates, fluorescent compounds, amino acids and derivatives, ACS reagents, USP and FCC products, neurochemicals and plant tissue culture reagents - [e]

Reagents including peptides, neurochemicals, ligands, signal transduction and ion channel blockers, as well as facilities for radiolabelling, and analysis - [e]

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United Kingdom

Autogen Bioclear UK Ltd.
Neurochemicals - [e]

Merck UK
Neurochemicals - [e]

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European Union

Bionuclear Scandinavia
Neurochemicals - [e]

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Toronto Research Chemicals Inc.
TRC - [e]

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George J. Siegel, R. Wayne Albers, Scott Brady, and Donald L. Price

Basic Neurochemistry: Molecular, Cellular and Medical Aspects

Molecular, Cellular and Medical Aspects, the outstanding and comprehensive classic text on neurochemistry, is now newly updated and revised in its Seventh Edition. This well-established text has been accepted worldwide as a resource for postgraduate trainees and teachers in neurology, psychiatry, and basic neuroscience, as well as for graduate and postgraduate students and instructors in the neurosciences. It is an excellent source of current information on basic biochemical processes in brain function and disease for qualifying examinations and continuing medical education.

Academic Press; 2005

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