Manufacturers and suppliers of nephelometer, tyndallometer.

A nephelometer is an analytical optical instrument for the measuring of suspended particles in a liquid or gas.

List of manufacturers and suppliers of nephelometers for the use in laboratories, research and industry. See also: laboratory supplies.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA

International manufacturer and supplier

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sensititre™ Nephelometer - [e]


BMG Labtech GmbH
The NEPHELOstar microplate nephelometer detects particles in liquid samples by measuring forward scattered light when a laser beam is directed through the solution - [e, jp]

Integrierende Nephelometer: Analyseinstrumente für Kurz- oder Langzeitmessungen des Streulichtkoeffizienten von atmosphärischen und von Labor-Aerosolen. Die Geräte eigenen sich besonders für Messungen in den Bereichen Klima, Sicht und Luftqualität - [d]

United States of America, USA

AirPhoton 3-wavelength Integrating Nephelometer measures the light scattered by particulate matter - [e]

American Ecotech
... is a leading supplier of nephelometers to the North American market - [e]

Turbidimetry and Nephelometry Test Systems - [e]

Hach Company
FilterTrak Laser Nephelometer - [e]

Optec, Inc.
The Optec NGN-2a integrating nephelometer employs a unique open-air design that allows accurate measurement of the scattering coefficient (Bscat) of ambient air - [e]

TSI Incorporated
Integrating Nephelometers: analytical instruments useful for short-or long-term measurements of the light-scattering coefficient of atmospheric and laboratory aerosols - [e]

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