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Nanomaterial Suppliers

Manufacturers and suppliers of nanomaterials.


Nanotechnology or nanotech is a collective term for scientific and technical branches which deals with the control of matter on nanometer scale.

The following list shows an overview of manufacturers and companies in the field of nanotechnology and the chemical production of nanomaterials. See also: carbon nanomaterials.

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Evonik Nanomaterials
... develops nanostructured materials and disperse systems including: indium tin oxide (ITO), zinc oxide, ceria, and various composites - [e]

... offers a large selection of nanopowders in various shapes and sizes of crystallite - [d, e]

Surface, interface and micro-area analysis - [d, e]

... offers the development and production of innovative nanocomposites and nanoformulations through to comprehensive product and process integration - [d, e]

PlasmaChem GmbH
The main area of company concerns to the nano-materials, detonation-, vacuum-, plasma- and ultra-thin film technologies and their biomedical and technical applications - [e]

United States of America, USA

ApNano Materials, Inc.
... is a leading nanotechnology company that is commercializing proprietary technology for nanospheres and nanotubes made from inorganic compounds - [e]

Applied Sciences
... is a nanomaterial producer that manufactures carbon nanofiber - [e]

Integran Technologies Inc.
... is the world's premiere supplier of nanostructured material technologies - [e]

Meliorum Technologies, Inc.
... is a privately held company which manufactures a broad range of cutting edge nanomaterials and nanomaterial-based application precursors to satisfy the stringent technical requirements of both university research and industrial manufacturing - [e]

Nanophase Technologies Corporation
... utilizes an array of fully-scaled proprietary and patent protected technologies to manufacture, surface treat and disperse nanoscale metal oxides - [e]

Phibro-Tech, Inc.
Nanomaterials and super-purity products - [e]

SkySpring Nanomaterials Inc.
... offers nanoparticles, nanopowders, and micron powders in small quantity for researchers and in bulk order for industry groups - [e]

Versum Materials
... offers a complete portfolio of vertically integrated solutions to your chemical mechanical planarization, metallic film polishing and wafer polishing needs - as well as advanced research and development efforts to bring you an ever-widening array of unique slurry products. Now: Merck - [e]


... offers large variety of nano products in various forms - [e]


... specializes in developing novel nanoporous materials for use in a range of industries, from engineering to petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals - [e]


NanoMaterials Technology Pte Ltd
... is specialized in the development, commercialization, and licensing/contract manufacturing of nanomaterials used in the pharmaceutical, electronic material and specialty chemical sectors - [e]


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