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Laboratory Automation

Lab Automation

Laboratory automation is a technological branch to study and develop technologies and processes to optimize the work in laboratories.

Directory of manufacturers and suppliers of systems and devices for laboratory automation.

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Journal of Laboratory Automation
JALA is a multi-disciplinary, bimonthly international peer-reviewed journal devoted to the advancement of technology in the laboratory. Sage - [e]

Laborjournal online
Labor Fachzeitschrift. F & R - [d]

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Articles and Reports

Developing an Automation Concept That Is Right for Your Laboratory
Article, full text. Clinical Chemistry. Clinical Chemistry. 2000; 46: 757-763 - [e]

Development of Standards for Laboratory Automation
Article, full text. Clinical Chemistry. Clinical Chemistry. 2000; 46: 746-750 - [e]

Laboratory Automation and Optimization: The Role of Architecture
Article, full text. Clinical Chemistry. Clinical Chemistry. 2000; 46: 784-791 - [e]

Laboratory Automation: Smart Strategies and Practical Applications
Article, full text. Clinical Chemistry. Clinical Chemistry. 2000; 46: 740-745 - [e]

Laboratory Automation: Trajectory, Technology, and Tactics
Article, full text. Clinical Chemistry. 2000;46:764-771 - [e]

The Role of Total Laboratory Automation in a Consolidated Laboratory Network
Article, full text. Clinical Chemistry. Clinical Chemistry. 2000; 46: 751-756 - [e]

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Association for Laboratory Automation - ALA
The only international organization devoted exclusively to the unique professional specialty known as laboratory automation - [e]

… is an international community of more than 15,000 individual scientists, engineers, researchers, technologists and others from academic, government and commercial laboratories - [e]

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International manufacturer and supplier

Beckman Coulter
Complete range of automation and information systems to help you streamline processes for maximum efficiency - [e]

... innovative, cost-effective systems for medical diagnoses and analyses integrate routine clinical chemistry, hematology, immunodiagnostics, and laboratory automation - [e]

Thermo Fisher Scientific
... supplies highly flexible, modular drug discovery platforms that automate virtually any assay, method, or protocol - [e]

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Avior systems GmbH
... entwickelt, fertigt und betreut innovative Laborautomationssysteme für individuelle Applikationen aus den Bereichen Life Science, Analytik, Qualitätskontrolle, kombinatorische Chemie, Gefahrstoffhandling und Bioprozesstechnik - [d, e]

Awite Bioenergie GbR Martin Grepmeier & Ernst Murnleitner
Automatisierungen zur Vernetzung dezentraler Anlagenkomponenten, Fernwartung, Energie-/Last-Management, Integration der Gasanalysesysteme, Visualisierung - [d]

Eckelmann AG
... entwickelt und realisiert als erfahrener Systemintegrator automatisierungstechnische Lösungen für das moderne Labor - [d, e, f]

GMR Gross-Mess-Regeltechnik Technik für Durchfluss Druck Temperatur
GMR liefert Sensoren und baut kleine Anlagen für Analytik, Bioreaktoren, Maschinenbau, Öl und Wasserüberwachung, Kühlung mit Sensoren für Durchfluss, Druck, Temperatur, Niveau, Messung, Flowmeter, Drucksensor - [d]

Heinrich Systemintegration
Naturwissenschafliche Software für Automationszwecke und allgemeine Laboranwendung: pH-Berechnung, Chromatographie, Gerätesteuerung, Fraktionierung, Elektrophorese, Datenbanken, 21CFR11, GLP, GMP, LifeSciences - Heinrich Systemintegration - [d, e]

HiTec Zang GmbH
Laborgeräte und Laborautomatisierungssysteme für das chemische, pharmazeutische, biotechnische und lebensmitteltechnische Labor - [d, e]

Imcor GmbH
Analysen, Konzepte, Systemauswahl zu LIMS und Qualitätssicherung und Validierung - [d, e]

Martin Winter Lab Automation Network
Experten-Netzwerk für Laborautomation: martin winter lab automation network stellt den Kontakt zwischen Anwendern und führenden Spezialisten und Lösungsanbietern in der Laborautomation her - zugeschnitten auf die speziellen Fragestellungen der Anwender - [e]

Schmidt und Haensch GmbH & Co.
Geräte für die Laborautomatisierung - [d, e]

Schunk GmbH & Co. KG
Laborroboter - [d, e]

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United States of America, USA

AB Controls, Inc.
... is a provider of creative products and services for the Laboratory Automation, Medical Devices, Robotics and Automated Test Equipment markets - [e]

Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc.
ATL is a leader in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) - [e]

Blaze Systems Corporation
... is a leading supplier of total LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) solutions which improve performance and business effectiveness across a wide variety of laboratory functions and industries - [e]

Hudson Robotics, Inc.
... offers effective and economical laboratory automation systems that integrate with all manufacturers' liquid handlers, plate washers, plate readers, plate sealers, etc. - [e]

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United Kingdom

Innomech Ltd.
Manufacturing, Production and Laboratory Automation Specialists and Consultants - [e]

... provides state-of-the-art automation and measurement technology to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries - [e]

... providing innovative solutions to scientific, technical and engineering problems - [e]

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Argon Lab Systems
... specialises in Robot Analytical Laboratory Systems. Argon are automation integrators that can engineer custom turn-key solutions to meet your personal laboratory procedures and laboratory processes - [e]

Laboratory Equipment and Automated Chemistry Systems - [e]

... provide precision laboratory equipment, consumables, consulting and service for reliable, accurate and cost-effective laboratory automation - [e]

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A leading supplier for the chemical process development laboratory - [d, e]

... is a leader in the development, production and distribution of advanced automation and detection solutions for the world’s leading life science laboratories - [e]

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… offers a range of automated specimen processors that is setting the standard in pre-analytical microbiology sample processing - [e]

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… HTA is one of the leading Italian engineering and manufacturing company of equipments in the field of scientific instruments. We are currently focused on applications and solutions for analytical, clinical chemistry and life science automation. Our specialization is in robotic systems for managing sample from the preparation to the storage; among our most popular products: GC and HPLC samplers, preparative workstations. In addition, HTA offers engineering consultancy services for OEM customers. We operate in compliance to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality System - [e]

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Joe Liscouski

Manager's Survival Guide to Engineering Laboratory Automation

The guide addresses three of the major topics in laboratory instrumentation, computing and automation: - managements role in setting policies and practices for technology management; - laboratory process modeling, and - preparation for systems integration.

The operational effectiveness of laboratory work is going to become increasingly important as companies continue to strive for more effective R & D and quality control laboratories. This manager s survival guide provides a basis for defining organizational policies required for effective planning, and, methodologies for describing work flow that can be used for evaluating the application of intelligent device, computing, and automation technologies.

Effective planning for intellectual property and technology management will be essential for the long-term success of laboratory automation programs. This guide is the first in a planned series on Laboratory Automation Engineering.

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