Gas Generators

Manufacturer and supplier of equipment for the production of gases.

A gas generator is a technical device for the production of gases. There are several devices in design and execution - depending on the nature of the produced gas and the application.

List of manufacturers of laboratory gas generators for use in laboratory, science, research and industry.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
United Kingdom

International manufacturer and supplier

... has a broad range of HiQ specialty gas generators for the production of: Hhdrogen, nitrogen, and zero air - [e]

On Site Gas Systems
... designs and builds nitrogen and oxygen generators used worldwide in over 60 countries - [e]

Peak Scientific
… are an international manufacturer of laboratory gas generators including nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air suitable for most laboratory analytical applications such as liquid chromatography mass spectroscopy and gas chromatography - [d, e, …]


CMC Instruments
Entwicklung und Vertrieb von Feuchtespurenmeßgeräten, Gasgeneratoren, Filtern und Analysatoren für Gase zur Prozessüberwachung, für die Halbleiterindustrie sowie die Immissions- und Emissionsüberwachung. TOC-Gas-Generatoren - [d, e]

G. Wegener GmbH
Labor Gasgeneratoren - [d]

Infiltec GmbH
Null-Luftgeneratoren, Wasserstoff-Generatoren, Stickstoff-Generatoren, Kohlendioxid-Entferner, - [d, e]

Peak Scientific
… ist ein führender Hersteller von leistungsfähigen Gasgeneratoren, speziell Stickstoff- und Wasserstoffgeneratoren für den Laborbedarf - [d]

Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH
... verfügt über 20 Jahre Erfahrung in der Konstruktion und Herstellung von Geräten und Anlagen rund um die Gasanalytik und verwandten Bereichen - [d, e]

United States of America, USA

Matheson Tri-Gas
For all your gas and gas handling needs: gas handling equipment, gas generators, gases - [e]

Parker Balston
Parker Balston gas generators completely eliminate the safety hazards involved with handling high pressure cylinders - [e]

Peak Scientific
... is specialized in the development and production of laboratory Gas Generators - [e]

Perma Pure LLC
A leader in gas conditioning - [e]

Gas generators - [e]

Miniature TOC gas generators, hydrocarbon adsorbers - [e]

United Kingdom

Jencons, VWR
Nitrogen generators, clean dry air generators, CO2-free generators, hydrogen generators, and zero air generators in a wide range of specifications and prices - [e]

Laboratory gas generators and gas generation solutions - [e]


Air Liquide
ALPHAGAZ™ Gasgeneratoren: Gas wie aus der Steckdose liefern Ihnen die eigens für Laboranwendungen entwickelten Gasgeneratoren - [d]


Gasversorgungssysteme und Gasgeneratoren - [d]

Schmidlin Labor + Service AG
Wasserstoff-Generatoren, Stickstoff-Generatoren, Null-Luft-Generatoren für Labor und Industrie - [d, e]

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Book recommendation

Ebbe Almqvist

History of Industrial Gases

This 450-page pastiche of well-researched and well-documented vignettes, anecdotes, thumbnail sketches, and priceless illustrations and drawings is, as advertised, a marvelous excursion into the history of industrial gases. Embedded between the end papers of what might at first seem only to interest a precious few specialists are the essence of stories on hydrogen, including lighter-than-air craft and ballooning; dry ice and refrigeration; acetylene and illumination; gaslight and limelight; noble gases and the quest for absolute zero; industrial helium, superconductivity, and superfluidity; cutting and welding; rocket fuels, buzz bombs, and space travel; cryogenics, cyngas, and LPG. On and on. An impressive scientific and engineering retrospective... References are properly annotated, accurately displayed, and well represented; illustrations are appropriate and often original; the engineering drawings are more than window dressing. Empedocles and Paracelsus would be pleased ...

Springer; 2002

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