Gas chromatographs

Supplier of systems and accessories for gas chromatography.

Gas Chromatographs are analytical scientific instruments used in gas chromatography to separate a sample of a volatile substance into its components.

Directory of manufacturers and suppliers of gas chromatographs and gas chromatography accessories.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
United Kingdom
European Union

International manufacturer and supplier

Agilent Technologies
... provides the broadest selection of gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) systems, support, and supplies in the industry - [e]

Gas chromatographs and GC, GC/MS equipment - [d, e]

... continues to drive innovation and performance in Gas Chromatography instrumentation and software, with a focus on making your lab more productive - [e]

... has been developing innovative Gas Chromatography solutions. The Shimadzu GC product line encompasses the widest range of GC models, allowing the user to find an instrument matching the application requirements. Combining engineering expertise with the ability to listen to customer needs has resulted in an extensive array of GCs, sample handling, and data processing solutions - [e]


... bietet innovative Chromatographie für kundengerechte Lösungen an im Bereich der chemischen Analysentechnik - [d, e]

Elektrochemie Halle
Innovative Messverfahren, effektive Analysemesstechnik und maßgeschneiderte Software - [d, e]

Laborgaschromatographen für die Routineanalytik - [d]

IMT Innovative Messtechnik GmbH
Hochwertige Messgeräte und Komponenten für die Analysentechnik und die Gaschromatographie - [d, e]

Kapillarsäulen; Derivatisierungsmittel; Säulen für spezielle GC-Trennungen; Vorsäulen, Zubehör - [d, e]

Gaschromatographen und Zubehör - [d, e]

Restek GmbH
GC Säulen und GC Zubehör - [d]

Schambeck SFD GmbH
Spezialist für Flüssigkeits- und Gaschromatographie - [d, e]

SCP Seitz Chromatographie Produkte GmbH
Zubehör für die Gas-Chromatographie (GC) - [d]

United States of America, USA

GOW-MAC Instrument Co.
... is a leading manufacturer of high performance laboratory and process analytical instruments - [e]

PAC, Antek
Ranging from the simple, single column to more complex, multi-dimensional configurations, PAC offers a wide variety of GC applications - [e]

GC columns and GC accessories - [e]

Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
... provides supplies and services for mass spectrometers, gas chromatographs and liquid chromatographs (MS/GC/LC) - [e]

SRI Instruments
... manufactures gas chromatographs (GCs), liquid chromatographs (HPLCs), chromatography data systems, and hydrogen generators - [e]

United Kingdom

Cambridge Scientific Instruments Ltd.
... a developer and manufacturer of chromatography instrumentation - [e]

CE Instruments
Supplier of gas chromatography products - [e]

Chromatography Data Systems, Chromatography Software & Laboratory Solutions For HPLC, GC and other Chromatography systems Including the Agilent 7890 - [e]

European Union

Shimadzu Europe GmbH
... offers solutions for analytical instrumentation and medical technology with a broad bandwidth of products, software solutions and customer services - [d, e]


CTC Analytics
... develops and manufactures laboratory front-end automation systems - [e]


Dani Instruments
… offers a new approach to the world of gas chromatography by dramatically decreasing sample run times in a wide range of GC applications. This equipment covers a broad selection of applications for environmental, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverages - [e]

… offers different models of autosampler: for liquid, for head-space techniques and all-in-ones (liquid, head-space and SPME capabilities on the same instrument) - [e]

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Book recommendation

Marvin McMaster

GC/MS: A Practical User's Guide

GC/MS: A Practical User's Guide, Second Edition teaches readers the practical applications of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in compound identification and analysis of trace impurities. The book discusses empirical methods for optimizing chromatography, maintaining the instrumentation, and using mass spectral libraries for compound identification. This Second Edition includes information on recent advances in miniaturized and field-portable GC/MS systems and the use of microfluidic components.

Wiley-Interscience; 2 edition; 2008

Book recommendation

Dean Rood

The Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide for Gas Chromatographers

This fourth edition of the classic guide for every user of gas chromatographic instrumentation is now updated to include such new topics as fast GC using narrow, short columns, electronic pressure control, and basic aspects of quantitative gas chromatography.

The author shares his many years of experience in technical support for gas chromatography users, addressing the most common problems, questions and misconceptions in capillary gas chromatography. He structures and presents the material in a concise and practical manner, suitable even for the most inexperienced user without any detailed knowledge of chemistry or chromatography.

For lab technicians in chemistry, analytical, food, medicinal and environmental chemists, pharmaceutists.

Wiley-VCH; 2007

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