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Ecotoxicology services.

Ecotoxicology is a scientific branch that concerned with the study of toxic effects to ecological systems. Environmental toxicology focuses upon toxic effects upon the individual organism.

List of suppliers of ecotoxicological services.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
United Kingdom
European Union

International manufacturer and supplier

Design and Optimization of Toxicology and Ecotoxicology Tests [BASF] - [e]

... provides the complete range of toxicology studies required to assess potential risks for man and animals associated with the use of agrochemical products - [e]

... provides ecotoxicology laboratory, field and consulting services, which complement and enhance our Integrated Industrial Wastewater Management offerings - [e]


ecotox consult
Ecotox consult - Dr. Michael Meller ecotoxicological consulting service - ist spezialisiert auf wissenschaftliche Beratung im Bereich der Ökotoxikologie und Umweltrisikobewertung. ecotox consult bietet Unterstützung bei der Registrierung von Pflanzenschutzmitteln, Chemikalien, Bioziden, Human- und Veterinärpharmaka - [d, e]

ECT Oekotoxikologie GmbH
At ECT some 25 scientists, technicians, and students perform projects to study the effects and fate of chemicals in the environment. The data are used to assist industry and governmental authorities in assessing environmental risks of chemicals - [e]

... bearbeitet die Gebiete Ökotoxikologie und Umweltanalytik, speziell Innenraumschadstoffe. Wir führen Einzeluntersuchungen und komplette Anmeldungen nach dem Chemikaliengesetz aus - [d, e, f, es]

United States of America, USA

ABC Laboratories, Inc.
New laboratory ecotoxicity tests that specifically target these effects are coming on line, and ABC has responded by developing in-house capabilities for testing and culturing the appropriate fish, invertebrates, and amphibians. In addition, we are actively involved in validating these new test methods - [e]

Anchor QEA
QEA is an environmental consulting firm offering the expertise and experience necessary to develop technically-sound and cost-effective solutions to environmental problems facing the public and private sectors - [e]

Arcadis BBL
... works with you to protect the earth, promote business growth, and satisfy the needs of your community through socially responsible sustainable designs - [e]

Ardea consulting
... was established in 1997 to provide science-based consulting services specializing in ecological risk assessments, avian and wildlife toxicology and ecotoxicology - [e]

Coastal Bioanalysts, Inc.
Environmental Toxicology Testing and Consulting - [e]

Enviro-Tox Services, Inc.
... provides toxicology services to the environmental service and industrial sectors - [e]

Tetra Tech, Inc.
... provides innovative, cost-effective engineering and management consulting services to meet today's environmental challenges - [e]

United Kingdom

... a leading, dynamic contract analytical company established in 1989 that specialises in generating registration data on behalf of the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biocides industries - [e]

European Union

DHI Group
The ecotoxicological laboratory at DHI carries out standardized and specialized tests concerning biodegradability, toxicity and bioaccumulation of chemical substances, products and complex mixtures - [Denmark > e]

Ecotoxicological Centre Bratislava, s.r.o., ETC
... provides the full range of aquatic and terrestrial toxicity test and biodegradation - [Slovak Republic > e, sk, ru]


BioSiteHisto Oy
... offers prominent services for environmental and ecotoxicological evaluations, including environmental quality and effect assessment, and ecotoxicological testing - [e, fi]


ChemService S.r.l
... has been one of the Italian leaders in the field of analytical services - [e]

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Book recommendation

Michael C. Newman, William H. Clements

Ecotoxicology: A Comprehensive Treatment

Integrating ecotoxicological concepts across a range of hierarchical levels, Ecotoxicology: A Comprehensive Treatment focuses on the paradigms and fundamental themes of ecotoxicology while providing the detail and practical application of concepts often found in more specialized books. By synthesizing the best qualities of a general textbook and the narrower, more specific scope of a technical reference, the authors create a volume flexible enough to cover a variety of instructional vantages and thorough enough to engender a respect for the importance of understanding and integrating concepts from all levels of biological organization.

Divided into six sections, the book builds progressively from the biomolecular level toward a discussion of effects on the global biosphere. It begins with the fundamentals of hierarchical ecotoxicology and vantages for exploring ecotoxicological issues. The second section introduces organismal ecotoxicology and examines effects to biochemicals, cells, organs, organ systems, and whole organisms, and bioaccumulation and bioavailability of contaminants. Population ecotoxicology, section three, places the discussion in the larger context of entire populations by analyzing epidemiology, population dynamics, demographics, genetics, and natural selection.

Section four encompasses issues of community ecotoxicology. This section presents biotic and abiotic factors influencing communities, biomonitoring and community response, and the application of multimetric and multivariate approaches. Section five evaluates the entire ecosystem by describing assessment approaches, identifying patterns, analyzing relationships between species, and reviewing the effects of global atmospheric stressors. A detailed conclusion integrating the concepts discussed and promoting a balanced assessment of the overarching paradigms rounds out the coverage in section six.

CRC; 2007

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